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London Theatre and Theatre Breaks has been written by Simon Harding and includes the very best advice gleaned from over 29 years of working in the theatre packaging industry.

Although it is mainly aimed at the West End newbie, even the seasoned theatre-goer should get something from London Theatre and Theatre Breaks too.

Tips on booking Theatre Tickets include:
How to avoid falling foul of the 10 biggest audience complaints
How to find out the very best places to sit in the theatre
Know what to expect when booking with Box Offices, Agents and Holiday Companies
Make sure that the whole of your evening goes well – not just the bit between overture and encore!
Get tips on how to get the very best deals.
Let’s face it, however much we would like to go the theatre in London, we don’t always get the chance. So when it comes to you buying those all important tickets, or picking a special hotel or a nearby restaurant, it is important to know what you are doing.

London Theatre and Theatre Breaks gives visitors that knowledge and the power to make sure that they not only get exactly what they want but that they get the very best deal.

And it is not only great for people not used to going to the theatre: London and Partners recently distributed it to their 12,000 travel trade partners

There are 10 chapters, PLUS an introduction, each focused on a different aspect of organising a theatre trip.
London Theatres – What to Expect beyond the Foyer Doors
London Shows – From One Night Stands to the 60 year old veterans
London Theatre Tickets – Where to Sit
Ticket Prices – How to Save Money on Your Theatre Trip
Top 5 tricks for saving money and having a great time.
Getting To London – From Anywhere
Getting around London
Staying Overnight – Where are the best London hotels
Current London Listing
Anything Else?
More Quotes from The Industry:
“Very enjoyable read – and very comprehensive.” Pat Kearley: Good To See

“An excellent read – informed and amusing!!” Patti Murphy – St Albans Travel Service

At the moment London Theatre and Theatre Breaks is available for general download at http://www.theatrebreaks.co.uk/?vs_cm=7  for the cost of a share or a tweet.

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