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The Rogue River National Recreation Trail from Grave Creek to Foster Bar is in the heart of the National Wild and Scenic Rogue River Canyon, and the spring and fall seasons offer ideal times to see stunning scenery, spot wildlife, and enjoy cooler temperatures.

This is a historic and stunning 44-mile trail that was originally built by miners, and there are 5 historic lodges along the trail that were built in the early 1900s and can only be accessed by foot or raft. Rogue Wilderness Adventures takes hikers on 4-day, 3-night raft supported trips through this beautiful wilderness area.

These hikes are adventures in solitude—they give the visitor a new perspective as they witness the beauty of the wilderness corridor.

The best part is that hikers need only bring a camera, binoculars, and water while everything else is transported by raft to historic lodges. Guides prepare gourmet deli-style lunches to be served at predetermined locations.

The presence of the raft insures against adversity should problems develop while on the hike and offers weary feet a nice place to rest if they get tired after a long day of hiking.

The raft can transport up to 4 guests if necessary or provide an exciting ride if someone wants to try a little whitewater rafting.

Adventurers get the chance to learn about the history of this part of the country while enjoying the quiet scenery and opportunities to spot wildlife like bears, deer, and eagles. Hikers stay in the comfort of the cozy historic lodges after a long day on the trails and feast on hearty home-cooked meals, fresh bread, and views of the lush wilderness. Departures in May, June, September, and October. www.wildrogue.com

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