HomeAdventure TravelUncover Cambodia’s Wild Side On A New Wildlife Ecotour By Myths and Mountains

REI.comThis imaginative new tour by Myths and Mountains combines incredible monuments of the Khmer civilization, like Angkor Wat, with cutting edge insights into Cambodia’s rich biodiversity and wildlife.

Travelers experience a behind the scenes visit at Phnom Tamao Rescue Centre for a lesson in bear-keeping, visit and stay at the Elephant Valley Project, taking a wildlife trek through the jungles of Mondulkhiri, go dolphin watching on the Mekong and Kampi, bird watching at the Ang Trapeang Thmor Sarus Crane Reserve and Prek Toal.

They also learn from local community people, who are making an effort to preserve the rich heritage and wildlife of the country.

On this trip there is ample opportunity to enjoy other unconventional highlights of Cambodia as well – a cycle ride through Phnom Penh, a sunset boat cruise on the Mekong, a balloon ride over Angkor Wat, explorations of the key ancient temples of Angkor Thom or Banteay Srei, historical sites like the National Museum or the infamous Killing Fields, and much more.




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