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KOSRAE, Micronesia-Ever wondered what it would be like to search through the rainforest for relics from an ancient island civilization or traverse to a hand-built island once inhabited by royal families and high chiefs.

On Kosrae, travelers can experience a culture that dates back thousands of years.

In addition to visiting archaeological sites like Lelu and Menka, interested visitors may discover traditions and skills still used by friendly Kosraens. Learn weaving techniques from local women, join professional fishermen and blue water hunters on the water, observe boat carvers shaping canoes, paddle mangroves with local guides aboard outrigger canoes, maybe even join a handful of Kosrae men on a hunting expedition.

Accommodations at Kosrae Village, an eco lodge and PADI 5 Star Dive Center, recreate the look of an authentic island town with palm frond roofs, elevated floors, and woven reed walls.

Cottages and buildings were constructed by Kosrean craftsmen using traditional building methods and practices with modern amenities added for the comfort of guests.

A brief history of Kosrae waits in each room, hopefully to inspire your island adventures.

The footprint of other modern civilizations can be found around the island and beneath her waters. Scuba divers can visit the resting places of a 19th century whaler and a ship once captained by notorious pirate Bully Hayes. Bunkers, a beach radio station, and a couple of underwater plane wreckages are reminders of the Japanese occupation during WWII. Start planning your trip through history with a visit to Kosrae.


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