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Oakley - Shop Online - Free ShippingCanadian Tourism Commission (CTC) says authentic Canada loud and proud in a rocking two minute video trip across the country produced this summer by Canadians.

Canadians have spoken with video and photos of beautiful landscapes, food (and more food), authentic portraits of real Canadians, dogs, bears and bare feet – the essence of what makes visiting us fun and unique.

This summer the CTC asked Canadians to take on the job of promoting their own country.

Who better to send a global invitation to travellers than the very people who welcome millions of visitors each year?

The final cut of a new international tourism marketing video, made by Canadians for the world was launched yesterday in Canada – capping a summer long project by the CTC.

The video rolls out internationally through marketing campaigns and events, and is being shared extensively in global social spaces – including by Canadians who contributed to the project.

The video will feature on the front page of all CTC’s international websites , sending future holidaymakers an authentic and fun invitation from Canadians.

“No one knows better than Canadians how to show off this country,” notes Greg Klassen, CTC senior vice-president of Marketing Strategy and Communications.

“That authentic perspective provided us with the fresh and personal glimpse of the Canada we were looking for, one that comes from our roots and is real. We’re keeping the momentum going by connecting with communities across Canada and asking them to share the video with their friends and family abroad, extending the video as widely as possible”.

Video and photos streamed in after the CTC called out to Canadians for user generated content shot on devices like smart phones and personal cameras, and was blended with the work of a few professional directors.

The sound track features Canadian indie rock band Yukon Blonde.

More than 8000 entries were submitted in the five week contest period from August 20 to Sept. 16, 2012. Prizes of photographic equipment and travel packages were awarded to the best entries, viewers’ choice and a random draw.

To view the video go to www.uk.canada.travel/CanadaShared

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