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Palau rated high in Scuba Diving Magazine’s Top 100 Gold List — a “popularity contest” where rankings are based on a total number of responses from global readers and divers.

The Top 100 Gold List features operators, resorts, live-aboards, underwater experiences (i.e., best wall, shore and wreck sites), dive bars and more.

Palau figured prominently in the estimation of the best in diving by the magazine’s readers.

Palau destinations ranked No. 1 for Best Dive Site, for Blue Corner; No. 24 for Best Bar, for Kramer’s Cafe; No. 28 for Best Dive Operator, for Sam’s Tours; No. 74 for Best Dive Site, for Ulong Channel; and No. 95 for Best Bar, Bottom Time Bar & Grill, Sam’s Tours.

The top five countries for Best Wall Diving were, in order, Palau, Papau New Guinea, Indonesia, Red Sea and Fiji. The Top Five Best Macro Diving were, in order, Indonesia, Philippines, Papau New Guinea, Palau and Malaysia. The top five Best Wreck Diving were, in order, Chuuk, Palau, Solomon Islands, and Bali and Queensland (tie).

The top five Best Value of Diving Dollar were, in order, Philippines, Palau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The Best Advanced Diving destinations were, in order, Palau, Fiji, Red Sea, Indonesia and Galapagos.

The Best Underwater Photography destinations were, in order, Fiji, Maldives and Palau (tie), Philippines and Red Sea. The Best Big Animals destinations were, in order, Palau, Maldives, Galapagos and Mexico (tie), and French Polynesia. The Best Marine Environment destinations were, in order, Palau, Fiji, Maldives, Australia and Red Sea. The Best Overall Diving destinations were, in order, Palau, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives and Great Barrier Reef.

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