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Where would you go in Helsinki to experience the place like a local? Still scratching your head? The launch of a new interactive map guide to Helsinki has recommendations from locals to show you where to go, what to do and where to stay.

The idea behind the launch of the Helsinki map guide by responsibletravel.com is to make planning your trip easy and give you local knowledge all while saving you time. The map guide covers accommodation, where the locals go, activities and what Helsinki is known for.

Head of communications at responsibletravel.com, Lara Solomon said “the guide was written to help visitors really experience Helsinki – like a local, if you click on where the locals go you get seven recommendations from locals”. One local Anne recommends you visit Cafe Regata, “the owner is a bit “creative” as cafe has plenty of small details which make you smile. Like wooden boxes for birds and when you pass these you’ll have bird singing following you. In winter time there is the very old traditional Finnish “napakelkka” – sleight on ice for kids it works only with man power, but after having cinnamon bun you have to use some energy!”

The activities selection includes ice skating, ice swimming (brrr), cycling and more. Whereas what Helsinki is known for contains the more traditional items you’d expect to find in a guide such as the Design District, Senate Square, the Architecture, Helsinki Cathedral and the Olympic Stadium.

Once you have worked out what you want to do in Helsinki you can then find the closest place to stay, with 11 different accommodations in the city for a wide range of budgets there really is something for every type of visitor.

The Helsinki map guide is built using the Google map technology; “we decided to use Google maps as the actual map because people already know how to use it and navigate around it, it just made sense” said Lara.

The Helsinki map guide was developed with the Helsinki Tourist board to help educate people about Helsinki and that a city break can also be responsible.

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