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Oakley - Shop Online - Free ShippingAward-winning bespoke luxury travel company, Black Tomato, has tailored a one-of-a-kind cross country skiing holiday through the unspoiled Mongolian wilderness.

This journey delves deep into the backcountry for an up-close-and-personal encounter with the nomadic Tsaatan tribe. Participants will assist in the tribe’s livelihood by herding reindeer on their very own handcrafted skis before voyaging to the immaculate Lake Khovsgol for a joyous festival on its frozen crystalline waters.

After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, guest will be given a whirl-wind tour of the capital before being whisked to Toom, the gateway into the Mongolian Taiga.

Characterized by rolling mountains, dramatic valleys, forested plains and vast areas of barren tundra, the journey into the remote regions of the Taiga will commence by ski with an expert team equipped with horses and vehicles for added support.

Days of skiing in idyllic conditions with infinite visibility and you will arrive to meet your hosts, the Tsaatan. The nomadic tribe of reindeer herders have an ancestry that spans centuries and is deeply rooted in Shamanistic traditions.

Wickers.com COUPON 10% OFF all orders  Several days with the rich and mysterious culture will have guests hand carving their own tradition Tsaatan skis, which will be put to use in assisting with reindeer herding.

Nights are spent with local host families in traditional Mongolian gers and Tsaatan tents drinking airag (fermented mare’s milk) and singing traditional folk songs, offering a true taste of the legendary Mongolian hospitality.

The marathon journey culminates with a huge celebration at the Ice Festival on Lake Khosvsgol. Surrounded by the Saradig mountain range with peaks upwards of 3000m, the lake’s famously clear waters transform into crystal-clear ice in the winter acting as a picturesque setting for winter sports competitions and traditional games.

“The chance to see this remote corner of the planet and meet its mysterious population in deep winter is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You rarely come across truly unique and one of a kind experiences in today’s globalized world but this is something that has us all very excited and should be a must on anyone’s 2013 ‘to accomplish’ list – you don’t get many chances to carve your own skis and try them out in the Taiga.” – Tom Marchant, Black Tomato co-founder

Black Tomato can arrange a bespoke 18-night Mongolian Backcountry Ski Experience from GBP4,285 per person based on two sharing. The price is fully inclusive and based upon February 2013 departures.

For more information and to book visit www.blacktomato.com  or call +44 207 426 9888.

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