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Major events include special celebrations, festivals and events, art exhibitions, sport events, historical re-enactments, gastronomy and more.

The Vikings Return
With Viking celebrations scheduled for 2013 and 2014 in both the UK and Denmark to mark the invasion of England by the King of Denmark and subsequent crowning of his son Cnut as the King of England, why not delve deeper into this fascinating history with a short direct flight under two hours to one of Denmark’s many Viking heritage sites.

A Viking Dip – Winter Swimming in Skagen
Skagen in January, in addition to brisk windswept beach walks to blow away the cobwebs, offers the annual invigorating Winter Swimming Festival. Definitely for the hardy, winter bathers test the waters from 26 – 29 January with ice chilling dips in the waves at S√łnderstrand near Grenen, followed by a warming recovery in huge fire heated tepees with a cup of piping hot soup. A few days earlier, on 22 January, Skagen will also be marking its 600th anniversary with numerous celebrations on the day extending into 2013.

From Vikings to Bike Kings – Discover North Sealand on Two Wheels
Denmark is a country made for cyclists. The country is criss-crossed by over 12,000km of sign-posted cycle routes, taking you through gentle terrain and inspirational nature. There are short distances between sites, attractions and amenities and lots of opportunities to stop and recharge your batteries. You now have the chance to try Denmark’s newest holiday product, Love on a Bike, on a cycling tour in North Sealand.

Long the playground of Danish Kings and Queens, this region is dotted with castles, royal parks and fascinating history. It also offers you some of Denmark’s most popular museums and art galleries. Head to the Danish Riviera, a short drive from Copenhagen lined with lovely, calm beaches. The Coast Road winds north from the capital past beaches, deep woodland and green open landscapes. Roskilde Fjord defines the West of the region, while the famous Kronborg Castle, immortalised in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, sits proud at the North.

Viking culture and a new FOOD Festival in Aarhus in September
2013 will see the arrival of a new FOOD Festival which coincides with Scandinavia’s largest cultural festival – the Aarhus Festival. Taking place in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus since 1965, the festival is a celebration of art, theatre and music with exhibitions, free concerts and installations popping up everywhere, adding extra colour to an already vibrant and interesting city. The FOOD festival is a result of the fast-growing interest in Nordic cuisine and festival goers can expect to experience fresh, regional ingredients and innovative cuisine that is sure to put Aarhus and Denmark on the world map.

It’s not all about Vikings – come enjoy Denmark’s many festivals
Denmark is famous for its many festivals, and Copenhagen is renowned for being northern Europe’s largest festival city. February has the WonderCool Festival, June is for street parties, July has got the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and August is for Copenhagen Cooking – just to mention a few. ¬†and

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