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Israel will host the 52nd annual Israel Festival May 23-June 22 to showcase theater, music and dance by Israeli and international artists in Jerusalem. It is billed as Israel’s largest art and culture festival.

Performances will include a concert by Israeli songwriter Shlomi Shaban; a collaborative dance performance of Goldlandbergs, featuring the Emmanuel Gat Dance Company; Housen, a dance adaptation of House at the Hansen House in Jerusalem’s Talbiya neighborhood; a concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring performed by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra at the Henry Crown Concert Hall; the world premiere of a new dance piece by choreographer Rami Be’er entitled Undivided Void performed by the Kibbutz Dance Company; Dressed to Dance, a dance performance featuring flamenco costumes from Madrid; and an English-language performance of Hideki Noda’s The Bee at the Rebecca Crown Auditorium.

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