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Ecuadorian ecotour operator Tropic Journeys in Nature (aka Tropic) is offering a special trip to visit an indigenous tribe of Ecuador that is being forced from its ancestral homelands by oil companies.

The tour operators has led tours since 1994 through the region inhabited by the Huaorani people.

Now the people are under threat from the advance of the oil companies into their home.

“This year as visitors spend time with this ancient Amazon forest culture, they’ll experience the distress of this culture as oil interests threaten to force the Huaorani from ancestral lands,” says Jascivan Carvalho, Tropic’s owner.

“This is perhaps as close as we can come today to understanding how, for example, the American Indians of the Wild West felt when they were being displaced and impacted by the rush for land in the 1800s.”

The tour operator facilitates small-group interactions with the Huaorani as guests of Huaorani Ecolodge, which is a result of a sustainable tourism partnership between Tropic and the Huaorani.


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