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Butterfield & Robinson unveiled its tours for 2014, including new programs to Chile, Morocco and Europe.

The company’s Chile Biking package is a six-night program priced from $6,795, including biking along oceans and mountains, dinner at a local chef’s home in Santiago, horseback riding, a horse handling demonstration and an interactive cooking experience.

Morocco Walking is a six-night program priced from $6,995, including sightseeing and culinary explorations, a walk in the natural reserve of Tamsoult, hikes through the Otos Pass, lunches on a Kasbah terrace and a traditional Berber village, a picnic on the Atlantic coast, camel rides and a visit to Marrakech’s Museum of Art.

Alsace and Champagne Biking is a five-night program priced from $5,995, including biking through medieval Alsatian villages, a picnic in a vineyard and wine tastings in Champagne.

Andalucia Biking, a five-night program priced from $5,295, includes biking on country roads, olive oil tastings and explorations into art, architecture, history and music of Moorish, Catholic, Gypsy and Folk cultures.

Verona to Venice Bistro Biking is a five-night trip priced from $4,495, with biking through the Po River valley, a visit to Ferrucio Lamborghini’s private museum and gondola riding in Venice.

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