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Global travel services provider Kuoni has launched a new tour company aimed at young and hip travelers in the United States.

Dubbed “brite spokes,” the company’s “millennial offspring” brand will offer “innovative programs with highly researched and distinct elements, as well as partners to support a truly incredible journey,” it says.

It will be supported by its sister company, AlliedTPro, a U.S. inbound market and ground transportation provider.

brite spokes is launching with five tours focused on fitness and sports, and one on mixology.

They are:
The Legends Continue: Rock n roll meets sports on this trip that includes tours of the Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame; Q&A’s with former MLB, NBA, and NFL players; and a tour of Notre Dame.
Crunch Fitness & Health Road Trips: A health and fitness journey that will feel like a physical challenge, including African dance with live drummers, pole dancing, boxing, and a club-like dance party, plus healthy gourmet cooking classes and massages.
Get the Drift: Learn how to spin a cars sideways, lead and follow in tandem, avoid clipping, “and look completely hot” from professional race-car drivers.
Let’s Rally: Learn to rally race from the best drivers in the world. The program will teach car survival skills and include a friendly rally race competition.
Cover Your Bases: A baseball enthusiast experience including the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, a Baltimore Orioles Park Tour and game, a tour of The Babe Ruth Museum, and Philadelphia Phillies home game tickets at the new Citizen’s Ballpark.
Imbibe Ride: A mixology tour through the most respected cocktail bars of Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, enjoying pairing menus and learning how to do it yourself.

Future tours will include foodie finds, craft beer crawl, all things vintage, and photography.

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