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Move over Stonehenge – the best place to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice is in the country that affords it two full days of national holidays.

Estonians take the summer solstice (or Jaanipaev locally) seriously: two days of national partying serious. One of the country’s most important celebrations, the solstice is welcomed in with huge bonfires, fireworks displays and large parties up and down the country. In a traditional rite of passage, party-goers are encouraged to leap over the fires to guarantee prosperity and avoid bad luck.

The stunning islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa sees old fishing boats burnt in large pyres and the Suure-Janni Music Festival, now in its 16th year includes a final concert at 3am Midsummer morning. On top of this, June 23-24th also marks National Victory Day for Estonia. This is a day of immense celebration and pride for Estonians and presents a fantastic opportunity to embrace the arrival of the summer solstice in an alternative and enthralling way by celebrating Jaanipäev like a local.


Pärna Holiday Village is located in a beautiful natural setting, at the heart of an old manor complex in Viljandi County. The complex has won the municipality’s ‘Most Beautiful Home’ award on a number of occasions, as well as the award for the county’s ‘Best Country Home’ and awards issued by the Estonian president and prime minister. What makes Pärna special is its old farm style, offering the opportunity to bunk down in barns and haylofts.

Pärna Holiday Village


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