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If you love photographing wildlife, this latest addition to our adventure portfolio should thrill you!

And while this may be a new trip, the subject is an age-old drama that takes place each year on the plains of the Serengeti, when some two million wildebeest and zebra make their annual circuit in pursuit of new grass…with predators close behind.

On our NEW Tanzania Migration Photo Safari, you are right there
to capture it all in extraordinary close-up images! It’s truly a
once-in-a-lifetime marvel for nature photographers — pros and amateurs alike.

But all migration safaris are not the same. Here’s why ours stands head and hoofs above the rest!

Your Expedition Leader is not only one of Africa’s premier naturalists, but a specialist photography guide, too
You are allowed to carry 60 pounds of baggage on our in-country flights — that’s an extra 27 pounds over the usual weight allowance — bring all your photography gear!
Just 3 passengers per 4×4 safari vehicle, each with its own guide
Spend 4 full days in the heart of the migration at our private mobile camp — you won’t get any closer!
Stay 3 days on a private Serengeti reserve with special night drives, safari walks and fly-camping opportunities not available to guests in the national park
If you make just one trip to Africa in your lifetime — and you want to come home with the most amazing images you could ever imagine — make it our Tanzania Migration Photo Safari.

One of the keys to the success of this safari is our very small group size. Just 12 guests will be fortunate to participate. Be sure you’re among them; call us at 1-800-543-8917.

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