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Twelve Day Trips from London is aimed at overseas visitors who want to see more than the capital – but don’t want to drive or vacate their hotel room.


The guide book provides an overview of twelve very different places to visit, all using public transport. The obvious places are included, such as Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. But less well known places are featured such as England’s smallest cathedral city, Ely, and Brighton, a vibrant university town on the coast that once offered royals the freedom from protocol. The guide book also includes places visitors tend to think they cannot visit on public transport such as Stonehenge and England’s most picturesque fortification, Leeds Castle.


Publication date is February, but we can offer you the title for review as an eBook.


The eBook will sell for £3.99, therefore less than $5.00, and will be available through all major eBook retailers (Perseus is our US distributor).


Bookline & Thinker Ltd is a London publishing company offering small but unique titles.


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