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Ever been on a long flight and wanted to watch the movie on the back of the seat in front of you but couldn’t enjoy it because of too many distractions in the cabin?

French start-up business Skylights has the solution, according to Tnooz. Skylights Theater offers in-flight entertainment by way of lightweight wireless headsets that wrap around passengers’ heads. The devices have an eight-hour battery life and enough memory for 40 HD movies.

Skylights Theater offers 2D/3D cinema on a wide-angle, high-definition screen so that all the passengers wearing the devices see are their own screens, Tnooz reported.

XL Airways has already begun testing the product onboard its flights, and four major airlines will soon start trials, Tnooz said.

“The feedback has been ecstatic,” Skylights’ communications and marketing director Raphaëlle Juillet told Tnooz. “Skylights Theater has a 99% satisfaction rate, 90% recommendation rate, 84% readiness to rent and 52% free usage rate.”

Skylights is still considering different revenue models, Tnooz said. The first option would be for airlines to charge passengers a fee for using the devices.

“We don’t have an exact price yet, but it will probably be around 15 to 20 euros,” Juillet told Tnooz. “The revenues are then shared with the airline, allowing them to create ancillary revenues.”

The other option would be for airlines to rent the headsets from Skylights and offer the devices as a free service to passengers, particularly those in premium cabins, Tnooz reported.

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