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I’m sure you are celebrating, because spring break is finally here! It’s time for warmer weather, sunshine and most importantly, vacation. With everyone planning to hit the beach or the city for a week, we wanted to reach out to see if you were planning on a spring travel roundup.

If so, you should know that Greyhound is a popular choice among travelers who are looking for a cheap and stress-free way to travel this month. Greyhound riders are saying farewell to TSA lines, airline fees and rising gas prices, and welcoming the classic way to road trip with friends and families. The most popular routes booked by travelers for this month, according to Greyhound’s data include:

  • Boston – New York City
  • Las Vegas – Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles – San Diego
  • Los Angeles – San Francisco
  • Phoenix – Los Angeles
  • Miami – Orlando
  • Ft. Lauderdale – Orlando
  • Tallahassee – Tampa

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