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You don’t necessarily need to be an avid sailor to enjoy the excitement of the America’s Cup.

As the oldest trophy in international sport—and the biggest prize in yachting—this competition brings with it a lot of pomp and circumstance. Even many land lovers find they can appreciate the celebration and traditions that surround this event.

The competition dates back to 1851, yet in all of that time, only four countries (the United States, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia) have won the trophy, so this is a very exclusive group and an event that offers the chance at some elite bragging rights.

This year, the 35th America’s Cup will be held in the Great Sound of Bermuda in late June, with qualifying events running for several weeks starting in May. Participants and spectators will travel from all over the world to the beautiful waters of Bermuda to take part in the action, and Travel Impressions can certainly help you out with making your booking arrangements.

Of course, Bermuda boasts many appealing attributes and features that make it a great vacation destination at any time. The gorgeous beaches and terrific climate are very appealing, and the chance to catch some rays in a tropical paradise is a tempting opportunity no matter the timing. But coordinating your trip to coincide with the America’s Cup activities is a great bonus that takes your adventure to the next level, adding a unique element that you would only be able to enjoy in one specific location every few years.

Those who are fortunate enough to be in the area during this competition will get to see many rare sights. Just the scenes of the majestic vessels propelling across the water is a sight to behold. The aerodynamic yachts are now so sleek and lightweight that they skim across the waves, barely touching the water.

You will of course also want to save some time to explore other attractions and activities while you are visiting Bermuda. You don’t need to venture far from the water—there are underwater shipwrecks to explore below the surface, and you can engage in all sorts of water activities such as jet-skiing and kayaking. Then again, just relishing in the chance to stroll the warm sandy beaches and take in the spectacular ocean views along the horizon is a great way to relax and immerse yourself in a feeling of total serenity.

Travel Impressions is making it easy for those interested in heading to Bermuda to experience any part of the America’s Cup festivities. It’s simple to make your arrangements online through a local travel agent, and you can always be sure to get the very best deal and personalized service. You will get to realize the trip of a lifetime, with a rare chance to witness one of the sporting world’s most prestigious and esteemed competitions. Of course, the gorgeous setting and warm sunny climate are terrific extra bonuses that will truly make this a memorable vacation unlike none you have ever experienced.

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