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SALEM, OR –Tofino Expeditions, a veteran sea-kayaking outfitter, offers an unforgettable sea kayaking journey in Baja, considered to be one of the world’s quintessential sea kayaking destinations.

The eight-day tour winds along the coast and offshore islands of Mexico’s Bahia Loreto National Park, through turquoise bays edged with white sand and dramatic cliffs.

Each night, the group will pull up on shore to sleep out under the stars and enjoy Tofino guides’ famous gourmet wilderness cuisine.

In the winter months, the waters are popular with Blue and Fin Whale, which are often seen by paddlers on the trip. Jacques Cousteau famously called the Sea of Cortez “the world’s aquarium,” and the offshore islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the diversity of life they host.

The islands are teeming with birds; pelicans congregate on partially submerged reefs, osprey nest in the highlands, and blue footed boobies roost on the faces of white seaside cliffs.

Available from November to April, the trip is perfect for those travelers hoping to take a break from winter weather and venture out for Spring Break.



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