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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the agreement that formed Gwaii Haanas National Park . The park agreement was formed between the Haida aboriginal group and the government of Canada and aimed at jointly managing and preserving an ecologically and culturally unique area. This 10 day sea kayaking tour takes travelers on an exclusive exploration of this fascinating landscape.

Often called “Canada’s Galapagos,” because of their diverse ecology, Haida Gwaii were home to one of North America’s first native civilizations, the Haida. Descendants of the Haida people still live on the island and some serve as caretakers of Skung Gwaii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to many of the Haida’s ancient totems.

Paddlers will visit Skung Gwaii on the Tofino tour, and will spend an evening with the Haida Watchmen, who oversee the land.

The tour offers travelers a truly authentic wilderness experience with plenty of creature comforts.

Paddlers spend glorious nights camped on sandy beaches under the stars, and are treated to gourmet backcountry meals that are expertly prepared by Tofino’s professional guides.

Guests will also have an up close and personal view of wildlife that is native to the area like sea lions, humpback and orca whales, fascinating birdlife, and more. Other highlights include hikes to see the Haida’s ancient totem poles, soaking in the naturally heated pools of Hotsprings Island, unforgettable photo opportunities, breathtaking views, and much more. Tofino Expeditions was one of the first sea kayaking companies to take travelers to this region and their professional guides have led tours in the Queen Charlotte Islands for more than 19 years. The 8-day trips depart in July and August, when the weather in Haida Gwaii is best. Price is $1995 per person. www.tofino.com

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