How Will Normalization of Relations with Cuba Change Travel?

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowThe changes that will take effect after Obama’s move toward normalization of relations with Cuba are not entirely clear, but tour operators are relatively sure it will be an improvement for them.

Lifting the U.S. economic embargo of Cuba, which has been in place since 1961, will be up to Congress. But Obama has signaled his interest in pursuing that course.

Exactly how the changes will go into effect is still uncertain.

“There isn’t any clarification on what Obama said,” said Peggy Goldman, president of Friendly Planet Travel, “but I did receive an update from OFAC [The U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control, which regulates all travel to Cuba]. They put out a little note that says they will be amending the regulations. It was bureaucracy speak, but in essence they said it will take a couple of weeks for any change to take place. OFAC expects to issue its regulatory amendments in the coming weeks, and none of the announced changes takes effect until the new regulations are issued.”

That means the use of credit cards, or the purchasing of rum or cigars is not yet legal.

“But the type of trip we will be able to offer will grow in breadth,” said Goldman. “It won’t be possible until the embargo is lifted for you to book a flight and spend a weekend in Cuba. That’s in the future. But we should be able from these changes to be able to send people in a variety of new ways, and I am hoping that that means we will be able to bring the cost down. With the lifting of some of these restrictions it will make it possible to have programs that are less cost intensive, with fewer services so people will be able to go and enjoy the island without having to pay a fortune.”

Meanwhile the travel industry is expressing jubilation. Demand for travel to Cuba has been volcanic and any lessening of restrictions will make it possible to accommodate more of that demand.

Not only does the travel industry stand to be one of the leading benefactors of the relaxation of restrictions in trade with Cuba, it can take a little of the credit for helping to bring about a new policy in which the U.S. government sees engagement as a better way than exclusion for helping bring about democratic reform in Cuba.

“When I was listening to Obama give his speech today, I got all weepy,” said Goldman.

“For us in travel industry who have been involved in this People to People program, it’s a huge vindication of the time, effort and money that we’ve put into building these programs, because he said today that the engagement between Cubans and Americans is critical. And we’ve been seeing that all along.

“The Cubans have been meeting Americans, not just their relatives who live in Florida, but Americans from New Jersey, Denver, Souix Falls and Minneapolis and all over country, and in very intimate situations. You meet with them where they live, where they work, where they play, and you converse with them, you listen to music together.”

The People to People programs have laid the groundwork in the sense that Cubans and Americans have been getting to know each other – and they like each other.

“We know this from the reaction of Cubans that we talk to over the years of this program,” said Goldman. “They tell us, ‘This has really opened our eyes about Americans.’

“Cubans really like us. They’ve understood that we’re really nice and decent and generous people and we’re interested in them. And they on their side are interested in us, and they’re dying for an opportunity, for a little crack at the good life. These people really struggle. This is such a wonderful thing that’s happened, I think for all of us.”

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Tauck Introduces Expanded Cuba Program

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowThe consumer demand for Cuba continues to be voracious, and operators are competing fiercely for marketshare by enhancing and expanding already popular itineraries.

Tauck, the Norwalk, Conn.-based tour operator, unveiled a new longer and more intensive Cuba program that explores more of the country beyond Havana than its previous offering, which began operating in 2012.

Tauck’s previous program, now discontinued, included six nights in Havana. The new expanded version includes three nights in Havana, two nights in Cayo Santa Maria, three nights in Camaguey, one night in Holguín and two nights in Santiago de Cuba.

Both the previous program and the current offering begin with one night at the Sofitel Miami in preparation for catching a charter flight to Havana the next morning.

The trip includes visits to the birthplace of Fidel and Raul Castro, the Che Guevara Mausoleum in Santa Clara, the tomb of early champion of Cuba independence Jose Marti and many encounters with contemporary artists and musicians, as well as local people in various walks of life, such as fishermen and restaurant owners and operators.

According to Katharine Bonner, Tauck vice president, the customer responses to the previous itinerary were “fantastic,” but the company chose to expand the itinerary because, “We wanted to provide a richer and more diverse itinerary, and while the guests on our initial itinerary gave their experience very high marks, we learned in the process that there was a desire among our guests to see more of the country and gain an even deeper understanding of Cuban history and culture.”

In the U.S. Tour Operators Association’s recently released Packaged Travel Index, Cuba entered the top 10 on its Emerging Destinations list, debuting at No. 2, right under Myanmar, which has held the top position for three years.

Tour operators unanimously report that the demand for Cuba is of stellar dimension. Tauck is no exception.

“Our guests absolutely love Cuba,” said Bonner, “and it was their interest and their passion that prompted us to enhance our itinerary there. The response to the new tour has been fantastic, and several of our early 2015 departures are already sold-out.”

The new program is priced from $7,465 double occupancy, not including airfare.

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Discovering Malta with Corinthia and beyond360

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowIn 2018, the Maltese capital of Valetta will be crowned as a European Capital of Culture. Largely unknown to Americans, the arts, history and culture of this city go back 7,000 years, way beyond the grasp of history and are capped by an authentic Renaissance maritime architecture. The walls erected by the Knights of Malta that held off the Great Ottoman Siege of 1565 also held off the relentless bombing raids by the Nazis in WWII. Their fall in either situation would have been devastating for Europe as we know it. Instead, they held.

The nuances of Malta as a destination are easy to miss. Its relative remoteness has helped preserve a brand of old European life that has become increasingly rare on the European mainland. While many European holiday makers head to the Maltese beaches, the authentic undiscovered Malta is mostly bypassed by European sun and fun tourists.

Maltese tourism stakeholders hope to stimulate a kind of tourism that can help this off-the-beach lifestyle survive. The U.S. market, which prefers its beach holidays in Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico, but goes to Europe for culture, art and history, is an ideal market for more off-path presentations of the Maltese islands.

The Corinthia Palace Hotel & SPA in Malta, together with beyond3sixty, a luxury land operator, are offering four departures in 2015 for the exclusive “Private Malta” program: Jan. 21 to 25, March 19 to 23, June 7 to 11 and Sept. 10 to 14. These tours go beyond Malta’s more famous attractions to lesser-known jewels “the silent city” of Mdina, an insider’s exploration of Valletta as well as visits to private homes and Palazzos, to meet the owners.

“Our aim,’’ said program creator, Jim Dunn, a British resident of Malta and an advisor to the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, “is to not only let the visitors see and learn much of Malta’s tremendous history over the centuries, but to enable visitors meet the locals in their homes for a private visit over a lunch, dinner or coffee.”

The tours include private visits to St. John’s Cathedral, a yacht tour of The Grand Harbour and musical performances in Palazzos. The tours will highlight the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a history that earned Malta the George Cross from King George V1 in 1942, in recognition of their dogged resistance in the face of relentless Nazi air raids.

The group price (minimum 10 pax) begins at €2,320 per person for a four-night program with private transfers, five-star hotel accommodation, touring with guide, quality meals (breakfast lunch and dinner daily), dinners include a half bottle of wine and water per person, light lunches include a glass of wine and more. Read more travel news at

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Latour Offers Cuba Programs for Jewish, LGBT Markets

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowLatour, Isramworld’s Latin America division unveiled three new Cuba itineraries, including specialty trips targeting niche markets not covered by most other operators.

Latour is re-offering its basic Cuba program Hello Cuba for general interest groups, which includes visits with locals, the Museum of the Revolution, Ernest Hemingway’s winter home and encounters with the arts at Benny More School of the Arts, the Experimental Graphic Arts Workshop and Havana Compras Dance company. Beyond Havana, the tour visits the town of Cienfuegos, and the oceanside community of Trinidad.

But Latour is also offering two specialty programs: one for travelers who want to focus on the Jewish history of Cuba, and one who want to experience Cuba from the LGBT perspective.

Shalom Cuba provides a look at Jewish culture and history in Cuba. It includes meetings with Jewish Cubans and visits to synagogues, a kosher butcher, El Patronato Jewish Community Center and Temple Sheve Achim, Cuba’s first synagogue, as well as mainstream points of interest such as Hemingway’s home and the Teatro de La Caridad.

LGBT Cuba focuses on the life of the gay and lesbian community of Cuba. It includes opportunities to meet with gay Cubans at the Muraleando art project, and visits to Los Mejunje, a center of disco and drag scenes; CENESEX, the National Center for sex education and research; and the National Union of Jurists to meet with members of the Association of Family Law and Civil Rights.

The programs are all nine-day/eight-night trips with prices starting from $4,299 per person.

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Los Cabos Welcomes New Nonstop Airlift from New York’s JFK Airport

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Why it Rates: In a clear Illustration that Los Cabos is truly back in business in the aftermath of Hurricane Odile, Delta and Spirit will add a slate of new flights for the 2014/2015 winter season. In other good news for the destination, tourism officials say 10,000 of the destination’s 14,000 rooms are expected to be opened. Looking even further ahead, the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, JW Marriott, Thompson Cabo San Lucas and Park Hyatt all plan to add properties in Los Cabos within the next two and a half years. – Claudette Covey, TravelPulse Mexico editor

The Los Cabos Tourism Board is pleased to announce a series of new flight options available from top U.S. gateways for the 2014/2015-winter travel season. Adding to the long list of existing flight options available to Cabo from the U.S., the destination is preparing to welcome more flights from cities such as New York, Seattle, San Diego, Washington D.C., Houston and Baltimore.

Beginning on Dec. 20, Delta Airlines will launch a weekly nonstop flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on Saturdays to the Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo (SJD). Two additional Delta flights were announced by Delta to Los Cabos from the West Coast destinations of Seattle and San Diego expected to operate on the first months of 2015. Delta also announced they will increase their frequencies from Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Minnesota.

In 2015, Los Cabos will welcome a new Spirit Airlines flight from Houston, scheduled to commence service as of May 7, operating twice weekly and increasing to four times per week on June 11.

BeachBooker Beach VillasAlso coming to Los Cabos in 2015 is a direct flight from Washington D.C via United Airlines and two new flights with Southwest Airlines from Baltimore (BWI) in June and from Houston (HOU) in October.

“The launch of Delta’s new nonstop flight from New York City/JFK this month is a milestone for the destination and opens up an key market for us on the East Coast of the United States; accessibility is key,” said Ruben Reachi, Secretary of Tourism for Baja California Sur. “Many people associate Los Cabos with the West Coast and while that is still our top market, we are excited to offer new, direct flights from important East Coast cities such as New York, Washington D.C and Baltimore. Our goal is to continue to increase the flight options available and open even more gateways to Los Cabos across the U.S. within the coming years.”

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Casino Gaming Law Passes in Bermuda

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowThe “integrated” facilities — hotels and resorts featuring large casinos — have yet to arrive. Nevertheless, casino gaming is now legal in Bermuda. The country’s parliament approved legislation this past week to introduce casino gaming to the archipelago’s shores.

Establishing casino gaming in the territory has been a key initiative of Shawn Crockwell, Bermuda’s tourism minister. Crockwell first proposed resort-based casinos shortly after taking office in 2012, touting them as a means to reverse Bermuda’s lagging visitor arrivals. Bermuda faced a competitive disadvantage versus other warm-weather destinations which offered resort casinos, he said.

“In the past 30 years, Bermuda has moved from a tourism industry leader to an industry outsider,” said Crockwell in a December 12 ministerial briefing. “The Bermuda tourism sector has seen near zero compound annual growth in total visitation over the past three decades while during the same period global tourism has experienced exponential growth.”

Crockwell said the legislation, formally known as the Casino Gaming Act of 2014, “represents a significant and critical adjustment to our tourism product and to Bermuda as a destination.”

While he noted “There has been virtually no investment in new properties in Bermuda,” in decades, he said Bermuda “still has an opportunity to regain its position as a tourism industry leader” through “improved service levels and “new products which include new properties, amenities and entertainment activities.”

Resort-based casinos will also generate economic expansion and increase Bermuda’s tax revenues, Crockwell said.

“By no means is the introduction of casino gaming the panacea to revitalize our tourism industry,” he added. “But it can certainly be a catalyst for jobs and aid the recovery of tourism,” he said.

“By no means is the introduction of casino gaming the panacea to revitalize our tourism industry… But it can certainly be a catalyst for jobs and aid the recovery of tourism.” – Shawn Crockwell, Bermuda tourism minister

Crockwell said public opinion in Bermuda favors casino/hotel development. The minister held tree public forums at which he discussed casino during 2014, but later rescinded an earlier promise to sponsor a public referendum on the issue.

Some Bermuda officials and citizens oppose casino gaming in the destination on economic as well as moral and religious grounds.

Wayne Furbert, a current parliament member and Crockwell’s predecessor as tourism minister, told a Bermuda newspaper that passage of the legislation created one of the “saddest days of my career in politics” and predicted the casinos could attract “pole dancers and prostitution.”

“The Bill seeks to put in place a legislative and regulatory framework that will help provide an environment where the integrated resorts can succeed,” countered Crockwell.

He said the legislation will also seek “to mitigate the potential negative consequences of the casinos on our society.”

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Miami’s Hotel Croydon Hangs its Hat on Value

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowThis summer, Miami’s Mid-Beach area – home to such illustrious properties as Ian Schrager’s new Edition and the Fontainebleau Miami Beach – welcomed a new player, the 108-room Hotel Croydon, whose owners say they are attracting substantial numbers of travelers in search of authentic vacation experiences at affordable rates.

While many of Hotel Croydon’s neighbors are charging rates of $800 to $1,000 a night, the boutique property’s prices start at just $200, said Nathan Lieberman, who along with his father Alan Lieberman, heads up South Beach Hotel Group, whose holdings include the Riviera South Beach, the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club, Whitelaw Hotel and the Metropole Hotel.

When asked what type of traveler the property is targeting, the straight-talking Lieberman had this to say: “Anyone looking for a great product without all the baloney that usually goes along with it.”

There appear to be takers on that front. Lieberman said the property has been sold out since it opened in July.

In addition to its reasonable rates, Hotel Croydon offers its guests an array of value-added amenities, including complimentary airport transfers, free Wi-Fi and free drinks during Happy Hour from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. “You can drink as much or as little as you want,” said Lieberman. “We don’t cut you off.”

When the 1,000-square-foot penthouse suite, which sells for under $450 a night, is not booked, Hotel Croydon provides a guest booked in a standard room with a free upgrade. “It’s crazy not to book it if it’s available,” Lieberman said, adding that the free penthouse upgrade is a policy at all 15 of South Beach Hotel Group’s properties.

In addition to offering guests value-added amenities, Hotel Croydon is also equipped with a healthy number of facilities and services, including a 24/7 concierge; pool and roof deck; gym with ocean views; holistic massage and healing services; and rooftop yoga.

Its affordably priced Tavern restaurant, meanwhile, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner using locally sourced products, and it beers on tap are from local breweries.

Every aspect of the hotel’s design, staffing and operations is overseen by the Liebermans. “Nothing goes into the property without us hand picking it,” he said. “We hire every single person personally.” Lieberman said he has even received a massage from every massage therapist the hotel employs.

Guestroom mattresses, bedding and linens have also been personally vetted by the Liebermans. “We wouldn’t let people sleep on a mattress in any of our hotels that we wouldn’t sleep on ourselves,” he said.

The Liebermans personally purchased all of the hotel’s artwork, and the framed ballet slippers of Nathan Lieberman’s wife decorate the walls of The Tavern restaurant.

In the final analysis, Lieberman said business going into next year is strong. “People are freaking out about the hotel,” he said. “We’ve has this amazing response.”

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Airlines Hoping to Relive Rich History in Cuba

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For the domestic airline industry, today’s historic news that the U.S. is looking to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and end a 50-year embargo of the country represents something that is a rarity in the travel sector in this day and age.

A new market.

A new market that could be a boon, given the mystery of the Caribbean’s largest country.

We’ve penetrated the Iron Curtain, sent travelers deep into the Amazon, put a man in space and had him live there for months on end.

But for many Americans, Cuba might as well be the moon. Two generations have passed since the U.S. severed ties with Cuba in 1961 and prohibited travel to the country. Now the airlines have a chance to relive the rich aviation history between the two countries that formerly was dominated in the 1930s through the 1950s by Eastern Airlines and Pan Am – two airlines that don’t even exist anymore.

“We look forward to the day — hopefully soon — when all Americans have the opportunity to travel to Cuba,” Orbitz CEO Barney Harford said in a statement. “There are numerous economic, social and cultural benefits that will flow from free and open access and our customers are eager to visit Cuba.”

Currently, such major airlines as Virgin Atlantic, LAN and Copa – all foreign, of course – service Havana.

So who is poised in the U.S. to take advantage?

Luggage ProsIn no particular order, start with the airlines who, believe it or not, do have a presence in Havana. American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue currently run charters (or have recently) to Cuba for such things as approved cultural exchange trips.

American would be an obvious choice given its hub in Miami and proximity to Cuba. It still runs charters to Cuba out of Miami and Tampa.

Delta ran charters from 2011-2012, and a spokesman told the Associated Press that “having served there through our charter operations, the groundwork has been laid for us to possibly serve the market if an opportunity becomes available.”

JetBlue just began its latest service to the Caribbean, nonstop flights out of JFK to Curacao. Its inroads into the region, and its current charter business, make it a favorite to try to land a route to Cuba.

But they certainly won’t be the only airlines to think about Cuba as an emerging market. One huge factor in all of this is not just U.S-to-Cuba direct, but the chance to engage more business in foreign markets for travelers who wish to visit Cuba but are limited in airline selection because of the current embargo.

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Could Cuba Be The Cruise Lines’ Next Big Port of Call?

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowIf Cuba opens up to U.S. tourists, it would have an immediate and impressive impact on the cruise industry. For decades, cruise ships have sailed around the 780-mile-long island, which sits smack-dab between South Florida homeports and popular islands such as Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

“It needs some lipstick and love to bring things up to standard,” said Vicky Garcia, the Cuban-American COO of Cruise Planners. “But it could be very exciting.”

The largest island in the Caribbean, just 230 miles from Miami, “has long been in the cross-hairs of the American cruise lines,” notes Robin Farley, a financial analyst with UBS who follows cruise companies. Cruise lines undoubtedly have plans so they can spring into action once Cuba does open up, but it’s too early to say when they might be able to go there.

“Cuba … presents numerous opportunities from a cruise industry perspective,” Carnival Corp. spokesman Roger Frizzell said. “Some infrastructure for cruising already exists in the country, along with several ports, so it offers great potential, but there are other issues that will need to be taken into consideration if this market opens up.”

Those considerations would include the condition of the infrastructure and port facilities, along with regulatory and policy considerations, according to the Cruise Lines International Association. Cruise lines would also have to evaluate market stability, crime and security issues, and explore possible shore excursions.

But cruise lines could be the immediate beneficiary because they can move ships there faster than hotels catering to Americans could be built.

“Havana is a natural deep-water port, and we believe operators could build dockside infrastructure on a much faster timeline than hotel infrastructure,” Farley said. “It could take years to develop 3- to 5-star American-branded hotel product in Cuba, favoring cruise ships as the way to visit the island in the medium term. Itineraries could be sold with just several months’ advance notice.”

Cuba’s capital, Havana, at one time had a modern cruise facility when two European lines, Costa Cruises and Pullmantur, operated from there. But both pulled out when they were acquired by American companies; Costa was acquired by Carnival Corp. in 2000 and Pullmantur by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. in 2006.

A Canadian company called Cuba Cruise will begin its second winter season on Dec. 19, operating seven-night cruises from Havana or Montego Bay through March 30. It operates the 1,200-passenger Cristal chartered from Louis Cruises.

“While Havana may not currently handle the largest ships, we believe operators would make the investment to build dockside infrastructure,” Farley wrote in a research note. “Many contemporary ships have been designed to be able to operate in Havana Port.”

Even without U.S.-based cruise ships, Cuba still expects about 200 cruise ship visits during the 2014-15 winter season, according to data from the Cubatur travel agency reported by the Latin American Herald Tribune. The article said the ports with the most cruise passengers are Havana, Cienfuegos in the central part of the island, and Santiago de Cuba in the east.

The island is “exciting, sexy and cool,” Garcia said. “It’s not just a little bitty island. It offers big city stuff and rural areas.” Not to mention Cuban dance, music, cigars and old American-built cars.

MyFly Bag Personalized Carry-OnFarley predicts a lot of pent-up demand if and when Cuba does reopen to Americans.

“Cuba could prompt many cruise passengers who’ve already been to many Caribbean ports to return to a Caribbean itinerary to see a unique and novel port that has gone unseen by many Americans for decades,” Farley said.

She noted that RCCL has about 44 percent of its total capacity in the Caribbean for 2015, while Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has about 45 percent. Carnival Corp.’s Caribbean capacity is about 34 percent all told, but it’s much higher for Carnival Cruise Lines.

The Fun Ship brand “is still significantly below pre-recession pricing, so it could benefit strongly from improved Caribbean demand,” Farley said. “So all cruise lines are heavily exposed to increases in demand for Caribbean itineraries, though it remains to be seen if and how port access will be determined.”


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Creedence Clearwater Revisited Highlights Moon

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowPalace Resorts, the company that sets the standard in five-star, all-inclusive resort accommodations, is pleased to announce its all-star entertainment lineup for 2015. Legendary super groups Kansas, REO Speedwagon and Creedence Clearwater Revisited will take the stage at the brand’s signature property, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun.

The leader in awe-inclusive vacation experiences and world-class entertainment, Palace Resorts is offering guests who book a stay of five nights or more, at any of the brand’s Cancun and Playa del Carmen oceanfront properties, two complimentary tickets to the performances as part of the all-inclusive concept.

“As Cancun’s premier entertainment destination resort, The Palace Resorts team continually strives to offer top-tier talent and unmatched experiences at our signature property Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort,” said Gibran Chapur, executive vice president of Palace Resorts. “After an exciting year that included the completion of a 100 million dollar enhancement project and hosting a variety of premier programming ranging from family entertainment spectacle Broadway on Ice to Grammy-winner Michael Bolton, we believe the first entertainment line-up for 2015 coupled with our already stellar offerings is a testament to our commitment of surpassing the expectations of our valued guests and redefining the notion of what an all-inclusive resort can and should offer.”

Below is an overview of entertainment acts confirmed to perform at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in 2015:

• Moon guests will be delighted by the sounds of legendary super group, Kansas, in concert on Feb. 13 and 14, 2015. Celebrating the band’s 40th anniversary in 2013, the band Kansas has produced eight gold albums, three sextuple-platinum albums, a platinum live album and the iconic hit “Dust in the Wind.” The band continues to tour and remain a fixture of Classic Rock radio.

• Palace Resorts proudly presents a one night only concert from REO Speedwagon performing live at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort on March 21, 2015. Over the course of their illustrious career, REO Speedwagon has sold more than 40 million records and charted thirteen Top 40 hits. Formed in 1967, signed in 1971, and fronted by iconic vocalist Kevin Cronin since 1972, REO Speedwagon is responsible for massive hit singles such as “Keep On Loving You” and “Take It On the Run.” REO Speedwagon’s career will always carry on with music that continues to define excellence in song craftsmanship and brilliant live performance for several generations of fans.

• Last, but certainly not least, Moon Palace guests will be treated to a truly unforgettable performance by Creedence Clearwater Revisited on April 24 and 25, 2015. Stu Cook and Doug “Cosmo” may not have intended it, but their band Creedence Clearwater Revisited has taken on a startling life of its own.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rhythm section (bass and drums respectively) from the legendary group Creedence Clearwater Revival launched the Creedence Clearwater Revisited project in 1995 to once again perform live Creedence Clearwater Revival hits which have become touchstones of a generation.

Attendees of all three concerts will enjoy a pre-show dinner at 7 p.m. before the performances kick off at 9 p.m. Each performance will take place at the Moon Palace Arena, a 140,000 square foot convention center which opened in 2014. Since opening earlier this year, Moon Palace Arena has hosted performances by the Grammy-winning rock band, Chicago, the 2014 inaugural event for Tianguis Turistico, the third annual Wine & Food Festival Cancun-Riviera Maya’s Tasting Village and other impactful events.

Oakley - Free Shipping - Shop OnlineFully equipped with the latest technology and the latest audio visual equipment, Moon Palace Arena will be transformed into an intimate visual ice-skating spectacle for the entire family as the backdrop for the residency of Broadway on Ice – A Special Holiday Celebration from Dec. 22, 2014 through Jan. 4, 2015. Furthermore, Moon Palace Arena will set the stage the fourth annual Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival’s Gourmet Tasting Village from March 12 – 15, 2015.

The AAA Four Diamond Award, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort is located on Cancun’s tranquil south shore, nestled between 123 acres of tropical foliage and secluded white sand beach. Comprised of three luxurious sections – Moon Grand, Sunrise and Nizuc – Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort recently completed a 100 million dollar enhancement project which included renovations and upgrades to guest rooms, lobbies, the gymnasium, refreshed meeting spaces, restaurant upgrades and more.

Moon Palace’s enhancement project also included the creation of exciting new amenities and attractions including a FlowRider Double wave simulator, the resort’s nightclub, Noir, a dolphin habitat, Wired Teen Lounge, an authentic English bar known simply as, “The Pub,” a new kids club, “The Playroom,” and Moon Palace Arena.

The property offers guests more than 2,400 waterside and garden view accommodations or golf villa suites. Multiple pools are complemented by two children’s pools, one Golf Club pool, six whirlpool tubs and four swim-up bars. Recognized as Cancun’s premiere entertainment resort destination, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort has hosted world-renowned artists such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Cirque Dreams Rocks, The Beach Boys, Michael Bolton, Chicago and Ricky Martin.

Guests who book a stay of five nights or more are privy to the most valuable vacation promotion on record – $1,500 Resort Credit, which can be used on spa and beauty salon treatments, golf outings, romantic dinners, wedding packages, and off-site excursions and tours.

Palace Resorts’ all-inclusive accommodations start at $172 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. To reserve your Palace Resorts stay, please visit, call (866) 424-4623 or contact your preferred travel professional.

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