Ziplining A Volcano At Arenal in Costa Rica

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Carol Dimopoulos, the president of Learning Journeys Powered by Perillo, calls Sky Adventures “the Rolls Royce of Ziplining.” I can’t argue with that. I’m no expert, but I’ve ziplined a few times and I can say that it would be hard to beat the view when you’re zipping across a deep forest valley with the great Arenal Volcano looming above you and the giant Lake Arenal below, a 32-square mile manmade lake created after Arenal’s 1968 eruption.

It was about a two-hour drive from where the Perillo fam group was staying at the Villa Blanca Resort in the San Ramon vicinity to the zipline concession. During that drive Arenal first appeared on the distant horizon, then loomed larger and larger as we approached. It’s so symmetrically shaped it looks like a pyramid, but much more massive than any manmade thing.

A little plume of steam came out of the crater on top, and clouds tended to gather at its peak, sometimes hiding the top, sometimes not. For the rainy season we had an exceptionally clear day, according to our guides. As we approached, we could see its whole magnificent profile.

As we got to Arenal we drove around it, so we were able to look at the changing view as we drove from one side to the other. As we got close we reached the town of La Fortuna, which is within a few miles of the volcano, and when you’re there it feels very close because of the size of Arenal. As you reach La Fortuna, everything is about Arenal, the signs on the hotels and resorts and stores practically all reference Arenal or the volcanic thermal springs in the area.

Arenal was thought to be an extinct volcano as its stood quietly for 400 years from 1500. Then in July 1968, it blew and kept bllowing for several days, covering six square miles with volcanic rock, lava and ash, killing 87 people, burying three villages and finally affecting 90 square miles around the volcano. It threw rocks weighing tons almost a mile at a speed of 600 miles an hour. Talk about awesome.

Not far beyond Arenal we reached Sky Adventures and prepared to experience our ziplining adventure.

The crew at Sky Adventures greets you with a gung ho attitude and gives you a quick preparation. After they harness and helmet you and give you your own pulley, you get in an open train car that holds six people and takes you up to the top of a series of platforms connected by steel coil cables. From there you travel back down via eight different ziplines.

The first is a training segment, very short, to give you a chance to master the techniques in an easy situation. The second is also short and easy. Then the long runs begin, back and forth across a deep, forested valley. As you zip back and forth, hooked to your pulley that rolls along the cables from platform to platform.

Ziplining has become such a rage that now it seems you can do it almost anywhere. It’s in cities now. But it actually originated as a practical form of transportation in remote places. Ziplining is traveling by a cable on a pulley, and has existed in variations, either with a car or not, in places such as Australia and China.

But its popularity as a thrill sport seems to have originated in Costa Rica. The practice was developed by biologists studying the rainforest. They developed platforms in various stations of the forest canopy and mounted cables between them.

Zipliners are firmly and doubly attached to the pulley, so there’s no danger of falling off, though the sensation is one of falling. You wear helmets, which protect the head from touching the cable as you slide rapidly down, and gloves to protect the hands. The dangers are minimal. The thrill is maximal.

About the worst thing that is likely to happen is that you’ll spin to the side so you are traveling sideways. And if you try to correct yourself by pushing the pulley to straighten yourself out, the friction of the pulley on the cable will slow you and you may not make it to the platform.

If that happens you have to turn around and pull yourself hand over hand to the platform. I know because it happened to me. It was a lot of work pulling myself across the last 50 feet or so till they could throw me a rope and pull me up. But no harm done.

I was with a group of adventurous travel agents who had joined Perillo’s Costa Rica fam trip. They all supported each other and cheered each other’s successes. They cheered especially loudly for the ones who had been a little nervous about trying ziplining. They ranged in age from 30s to 60s and 70s. Everyone mastered it and appeared to have a good time. One of the ladies in her 70s told me, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

The more hesitant about doing it they were, the more exhilarated they were when they had succeeded in doing it. It was a very empowered and euphoric group when we left Sky Adventures.

But in the rainforest, storms come and go practically every afternoon and the rain pours down in sheets. Clouds were gathering as we worked our way through the eight platforms and by the time we got to the last one, a “baby” run of only a few feet, the rain was pouring down. A few more minutes and we’d have been soaked. As it was, we got a little wet.

As we were walking from the concession to the parking lot, lightning crashed so loudly and the sound was so close in time to the light that it felt like it had to have been only a few feet away. That will wake you up.

After ziplining we went to Eco Termales Hot Springs, where we were able to lounge a while in the natural hot springs of Arenal. By then the storm had passed and the rain had lifted. Arenal, shrouded in clouds, loomed powerfully over the parking lot. We were a happy and satisfied group as we headed back to our resort.

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Finca Rose Blanca Coffee Resort

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Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Small Hotels in the World by the reader’s poll of the venerable Condé Nast Traveler.

This hotel is truly a paradise, where guests enjoy impeccable service, world-class facilities and exciting and informative tours. The opportunities to see cascading waterfalls, explore the steaming volcanoes immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture, and of course, learn about the production of organic coffee, ensure each visitor leaves not only with sun-kissed skin, but a deeper understanding of Costa Rica, the wonderful country that Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort calls home.

The boutique coffee plantation/eco-resort offers travelers an authentic experience, without making a single sacrifice in quality. With only 14 rooms, Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort still delivers the amenities of a larger hotel, catering to business clientele with a private business centre and conference room, in addition to having a library, spa, chemical-free infinity pool, Jacuzzi, restaurant, bar, and lounge.

Beyond the aforementioned amenities, Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort truly distinguishes itself with its organic greenhouse, 300 on-site fruit trees, recycling centre, vermiculture (worm beds) centre, chicken coop, and of course, its on-site coffee plantation!

The 30 acre coffee plantation attracts travellers from all over the world, and though they may come to taste the aromatic and delicious coffee, they leave understanding the positive social and environmental impact of this venture. Having planted more than 5,000 native trees on their certified organic plantation, to provide shade for the plants and beans, they have simultaneously created habitats for many creatures. Operating without use of any agrochemicals, pesticides, or anything damaging to the environment, their operations are authentic, clean and eco-friendly.

Condé Nast Traveler is recognized worldwide as a creative, trusted and credible voice in the tourism industry, guiding many in their destination and hotel choices. One might be impressed and excited that Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort was featured by this publication, but definitely not surprised.

About Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort
Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort is located just 20 minutes from the San José International Airport, set in the highlands of the beautiful Central Valley. At 4,000 feet above sea level, the lodge’s property offers acres of tropical gardens and paths and a thriving, 30-acre hard bean organic shade grown coffee plantation. From the beginning, the Jampol family envisioned the creation of an exclusive boutique inn, which would become one of the world’s leading hotels, combining luxurious accommodations and amenities, cultural authenticity, environmental respect and sustainable tourism. Today, they have fulfilled this dream and the resort is recognized as one of the globe’s top destinations, demonstrating that it is possible and necessary to combine luxury with sustainability.

Four Seasons Costa Rica Nocturnal Jungle Golf Under the Milky Way

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WHO: Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

WHAT: Privately guided Nocturnal Golf tour under the stars to include a practice round at the driving range, play at holes 1 and 9 and a walk to Nacascolo Beach and the certified Audubon Sanctuary for more tropical nightlife viewing. Starting time is 6 p.m. for a maximum of four players.

The experience includes a line of lights showing the fairway from tee to light-encircled greens. Pull carts and lanterns will be available.

The Night Pals Audience: Howler and white-faced monkeys, deer, pizotes (raccoons), pecaris, and iguanas.

WHERE: Adjacent to the Four Seasons Costa Rica is Peninsula Papagayo’s Arnold Palmer-designed, highly acclaimed golf course in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

WHY: The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo with the culinary celebration Taste the Stars and the Perfect 10 travel package.

WHEN: NOW to November 23, 2014

COST: USD$95/per person

RESERVATIONS & INQUIRIES: or Resort Reservations +800-819-5053

About Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Founded in 1960, Four Seasons continues to define the future of luxury hospitality with extraordinary imagination, unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality, and the most genuine and customized service. Currently operating 92 hotels and private residences in major city centers and resort destinations in 38 countries, and with more than 60 projects in development, Four Seasons consistently ranks among the world’s best hotels and most prestigious brands in reader polls, traveler reviews and industry awards. For more information and reservations, visit For the latest news, visit press.  and follow @FourSeasonsPR on Twitter.

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Gap Years: It’s Not Too Late! August & September Departures From GVI‏

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It’s A Level Results Day on Thursday and thousands of students across the country will be hoping to secure the grades they need to enter higher education. But what if things don’t quite go as planned, or you have deferred university for a year? Many will be planning a gap year, or even re-thinking their future in the wake of results day. Whether it’s a last-minute gap year after securing a deferred university placement via clearing, or a placement abroad to gain valuable experience prior to entering employment, Global Vision International run over 100 projects in 15 countries around the world which promise to allow volunteers to make an impact, experience new cultures and explore locations restricted to normal tourists. What’s more, these placements offer school-leavers the chance to develop leadership skills, team working and initiative – all great preparation for the workplace.

With regular departure dates, GVI have availability in the coming weeks on some amazing projects around the globe. For a year abroad experience that is life-changing, ethically sound and CV-boosting, these are some of our favourites…

Marine Conservation in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (4-24 weeks)

Travel to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and join forces with GVI’s marine conservation expedition, earning your PADI diving certificate whilst working on and monitoring the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Volunteers contribute with coral reef and fish monitoring, seasonal turtle nesting and many other tasks. This project works in conjunction with several highly regarded organisations such as Amigos de Sian Ka’an, a Mexican NGO famous for their conservation work.

The next 4 week programmes depart on the 23rd August, 20th September and 18th October 2014 and cost £1,795pp*. Longer placements are available.

Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos (2-24 weeks)

Discover Laos’ ancient city of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and teach English to Buddhist novice monks, improving the quality of their education and enabling them to access more opportunities and deliver a higher quality of life for their families. You will have the opportunity to visit local sites such as the Mekong River, beautiful waterfalls and breath-taking mountains in your spare time.

The next 2 week programmes depart on the 9th August, 23rd August, 6th September and 20th September 2014 and cost £945pp*. Longer placements are available.

Teaching and Community Development Internship in South Africa (24 weeks)

Gain valuable experience when you join a 24 week teaching and community development internship in the beautiful city of Cape Town. The internship begins with a 12 week volunteer project, where you will learn how to plan and deliver a range of educational programmes in deprived township schools, day care centres and orphanages, gaining experience in teamwork and leadership. After successfully completing this phase you will then undertake a 12 week work placement where you will further develop your teaching skills and assist with the running of educational programmes (including childcare, sports and creative play) for young children. An exceptional opportunity to provide disadvantaged children with a richer, better quality education while gaining invaluable teaching experience and qualifications.

The next 24 month programme departs on the 20th September 2014 and costs £3,495pp*.

Community Development projects in Fiji (2-12 weeks)

Help community members develop important infrastructure for future generations in either the forests of the Dawsamu District or the white sand beaches of the Yasawa Island chain in the west region of Fiji by assisting with construction projects, setting up income-generating projects and volunteering in local kindergartens and schools. As a hands-on member of the expedition team participants will assist several critical initiatives including fresh water management, education, income generation projects, environmental initiatives, health awareness and sustainable agriculture practises. The dramatic Fijian landscape offers sweeping volcanic hillsides and beautiful crystal clear lagoons. In this picturesque environment volunteers will set to work helping community members develop important infrastructure for future generations.

The next 2 week programmes depart on the 23rd August, 20th September and 18th October 2014 and cost £1,145pp*. Longer placements are available.

Wildlife Expedition in Costa Rica (4 – 12 weeks)

Join a team of international volunteers on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast in the Tortugero National Park. Through hands on work in the rainforest, you will gain a thorough understanding of this important ecosystem and contribute to its long term conservation, whilst participating in important research on species’ population studies of Jaguars, aquatic birds and sea turtles. Professional development is very important, and as such a range of practical skills and practical knowledge are key parts of the expedition through additional training and field experience.

The next 4 week programmes depart on the 23rd August, 20th September and 18th October 2014 and cost £1,460pp*. Longer placements available

*All projects include the following:

Pre-departure support and discounted services
24-hour emergency phone
Airport pick-up (unless otherwise stated)
Arrival orientation
Long term experienced staff
Safe and basic accommodations (usually shared)
All meals (unless otherwise stated in field manuals)
Welcome meeting
Location orientation
All necessary project training by experienced staff
All necessary project equipment and materials
24-hour in-country support

What’s Not Included:

Medical and travel insurance
Visa costs
Personal kit
Additional drinks and gratuities
Extra local excursions
International and domestic airport taxes

For more information on GVI’s huge choice of gap years, check out  and join GVI’s 150,000+ fans on Facebook

Four Seasons Costa Rica Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Three Wonders

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowWHO: FOUR SEASONS RESORT COSTA RICA

WHAT: A triplet of Wonders to celebrate the resort’s 10th Anniversary


Taste of the Stars: A collaboration with Costa Rican astronaut Franklin Chang-Díaz (seven space missions record-holder), Executive Chef Mario Alconcer and his Costa Rica culinary team. Inspirations are space challenges of weightlessness, extreme temperatures, fluid dynamics and darkness. The result? A five-course tasting menu under the clear Southern Sky through a powerful GPS-guided telescope between courses.

Gastronomic Surprises: A Meteorites sauce, a Big Bang Theory starter, star sightings of Columba and Hydra 2nd and 3rd courses, and meteorite jus with the entrée followed by what else but A Milky Way dessert and Pisces sighting with mango asteroids.

WHEN: Brought back a second time for this anniversary celebration: November 2014 to May 2015. Requires 72-hour advance booking.

COST: $195 for adults and children, $100.

CONTACT FOR RESERVATIONS and more INFORMATION: The Hotel Concierge at: Call + (506) 2696-0000 or Fax + (506) 2696-0010


Nocturnal Golf: Privately guided Nocturnal Golf tour under the stars to include a practice round at the driving range, play at holes 1 and 9 and a walk to Nacascolo Beach and the certified Audubon Sanctuary for more tropical nightlife viewing. Starting time is 6 p.m. for a maximum of four players.

The experience includes a line of lights showing the fairway from tee to light-encircled greens. Pull carts and lanterns will be available. Night-vision goggles and a shot of your best aim with slow-shutter and multiple-exposure photography make it a game-changer.

The Night Pals Audience: Howler and white-faced monkeys, deer, pizotes (raccoons), pecaris, and iguanas.

WHERE: Adjacent to the Four Seasons Costa Rica is Peninsula Papagayo’s Arnold Palmer-designed, highly acclaimed golf course in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

WHEN: NOW to November 23, 2014

COST: $95/per person

RESERVATIONS & INQUIRIES: or Resort Reservations +(506) 2696-0098; +800-819-5053


The Perfect Ten: 10 days of rare experiences that include:
• Cocos Island, an ecological treasure, for four nights’ sailing on the Sea Hunter private yacht where you may choose to scuba with sharks and go sport fishing
• Private air travel (FS Jet or other)
• Accommodations in a luxury estate home (Casa del Cielo, Casa del Mar or Casa de Luna)
• Food and beverage
• Internet
• Helicopter day trip to the volcanoes, rainforest and coffee plantations (with aerial views of Arenal, Poas and Irazu volcanoes and where you can roast your own coffee)
• GoPro wearable, waterproof camera
• Farewell feast by Executive Chef Mario Alconcer (may include fish you’ve caught during your adventure)



RESERVATIONS & INQUIRIES: or Resort Reservations +(506) 2696-0098; +800-819-5053

Nayara Springs Launches End Of Summer Special‏

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowArenal, Costa Rica:  – There are many reasons to visit Costa Rica during the ‘green season’. The rivers run higher (more fun when you’re white water rafting); the rainforest becomes more magical; the tropical flowers are in full bloom; and there are fewer visitors. But probably the best reason to go is the End of Summer package at Nayara Springs. A 10% discount on the nightly rate, a three-course dinner every night, and a $100 spa gift certificate, all add up to a value-filled vacation. The End of Summer runs from August 20 – October 31, 2014.

Nayara Springs, a luxury hotel at the foot of Costa Rica’s Arenal volcano, features 16 individual villas, each with a private plunge pool fed by hot springs. The hotel’s five restaurants include Amor Loco, piano bar; Altamira, an open-air restaurant specializing in traditional Costa Rican dishes; and Nostalgia Wine & Tapas Bar with its selection of Latin America wines.

Prepare for a rejuvenating wellness experience at the Spa at Nayara Springs with chocolate clay wraps from organic cocoa beans; coffee scrubs with ingredients direct from a local farm; and the couples’ Nature Escape starting with a traditional sea salt foot soak.

Complimentary services for each guest at Nayara Springs include:

• Personal host
• Private plunge pool fed by natural mineral hot springs
• Breakfast a la carte brought to the villa or served poolside
• Mini-bar selection, except wine and liquor
• Fresh fruit delivered daily
• Cocktail snacks delivered daily
• Twice daily maid service
• Welcome fruit cocktail
• Daily replenishment of coffee and tea
• Wi-Fi in your villa and throughout the property
• Free international phone calls from the villa
• Free movies
• Free laundry service

Located approximately 2.5 hours from the capital of San Jose, Nayara Springs sits in seclusion just outside the town of La Fortuna, in the foothills of the Arenal Volcano. The Arenal Volcano National Park is host to one of the world’s highest concentrations of tropical plants and wildlife, and is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica.

For more information on Nayara Springs’ exclusive offerings and tours, visit

About Nayara Springs

Nayara Springs sits amid lush tropical gardens and overlooks the Arenal Volcano in the LaFortuna area of Costa Rica. The hotel’s 16 deluxe suites offer spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano, boast individual thermal spring-fed plunge pools, over-sized bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, lush gardens, and spacious verandas. Amenities include the Spa at Nayara Springs and yoga pavilion, AmorLoco poolside Restaurant, and Piano Bar. The 24-hour butler arranges diverse rainforest activities, which can be privately booked for families or couples, from zip trekking to river safaris. Nayara is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (

Tucan Travel Releases New Nine Day Costa Rica Tour

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Tucan Travel have released a new nine day Group Tour to Costa Rica to add to their large range of Central America Group Tours. The Tortuguero Costa begins and ends in San Jose and visits La Fortuna where guests can hike in the hills around Arenal Volcano, Tortuguero National Park where it is possible to watch turtles lay eggs and hatching on the beach and Cahuita National Park, known for its coral reefs, rainforest and black sand beaches.
This nine day Group Tour is perfect for those limited for time but want to catch a glimpse of the country’s most popular highlights. The Group Tour departs every other week, staying in 3* accommodation and comes with an affordable price tag of just £699 or £78 per day.

Matt Gannan, CEO of Tucan Travel commented, “We have seen Costa Rica grow in popularity over the last few years with its impressive dedication to responsible travel, diverse wildlife and wide range of activities available to all types of traveller. We are very pleased to be able to offer affordable tours of the country for everyone.”

The first departure date for this tour is in November, just in time to enjoy the warm winter weather over the Christmas period.

How to Reap the Rewards of Traveling During Costa Rica’s ‘Veranito’

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Costa Rica’s “Little Summer” Offers Unprecedented Wildlife Viewing at Great Value

Wildlife is abundant –and so are the savings — when travelers reap the rewards of Costa Rica’s “Little Summer” in July.

Because of a little-known weather phenomenon that in-the-know wildlife lovers keep to themselves, July is one of the best times to visit Costa Rica. The secret lies in the early rains of May and June, which cause an abundance of flowering trees and fruits that attract the most abundant wildlife of the year. This coincides with a break in the rainy season called “veranito” (“little summer”) that offers ideal wildlife-viewing conditions.

Wild Planet Adventures’ Ultimate Wildlife Eco Tour offers the most value in Costa Rica, as much as twice the value per day of most other competitive tour operators. Prices begin at $343 per person, per day, for a 9-day, 10-day or 14-day wildlife eco-tour including all meals (rare in any itinerary) and no low-value “free days.” (This means travelers don’t have to shell out more bucks for activities on those days because all activities are included.)

With so much included some might think this tour was designed with lots of high volume/low cost filler. In fact the opposite is true. This award-winning wildlife eco-tour is packed with unique and exclusive wildlife activities and remote destinations starting with wildlife viewing in an astounding eight national parks and wildlife reserves.

Highlights on both coasts include Cahuita, Arenal, Monteverde, Carara, Manuel Antonio and Corcovado National Parks. The diverse wildlife activities are suitable for travelers of all ages and skill levels and include whitewater rafting, canopy tours, beaches on both coasts, volcanoes, hot springs, sea-kayaking with dolphins, snorkeling at night in the bioluminescence, a scarlet macaw migration and much more.

Tourist dollars on this itinerary also support wildlife conservation, with visits to the world-famous Sloth Sanctuary where Wild Planet’s guest can meet over 100 unbelievably cute rescued sloths, and Proyecto Asis, a hands-on wildlife rescue center where travelers can interact with wildlife. Wild Planet includes high-end naturalist and biologist guides, and interactions with animals, wildlife experts and scientific researchers. Mid/upscale lodging includes one-of-a-kind rainforest and jungle lodges.

Smart savings, coupled with Wild Planet’s unique itinerary and exclusive access, provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the wildlife of Costa Rica with true wildlife experts who have 23 years of experience in Costa Rica. Wild Planet offers four departures in July to take advantage of this extraordinary wildlife viewing season.

For a detailed itinerary, compelling wildlife photo and video galleries and booking information, visit / or contact

About Wild Planet Adventures

The editors of National Geographic Traveler announced in April 2014 that the wildlife specialty tour operator Wild Planet Adventures received its fifth “World’s Best 50 Trips” award from National Geographic Traveler.

The expert wildlife guides of Wild Planet Adventures go the extra mile to explore remote wildlife habitat and study wildlife patterns in destinations not often accessible to the general public. Thanks to the company’s comprehensive itineraries that balance diverse and complex ecosystems and habitats, guests enjoy wildlife and game viewing that is carefully aligned with animals’ seasonal, daily and nocturnal migrations.

Following a philosophy that interacting with nature has the power to transform lives, tours are conducted in Africa, Baja, Belize, Borneo, Brazil, Costa Rica, Galapagos, India, Laos, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Thailand and Zambia. Wild Planet Adventures is recognized by top publications in the travel industry for its itineraries that combine intimate encounters with wildlife and local culture.

For a more information and a complimentary 2014 catalog call toll-free 1.800.990.4376, or e-mail: . To review current trips, schedules and itineraries log onto:

Family-friendly expeditions to destinations still off the tourist map

June 26, 2014 on 8:21 am | In Adventure Travel, Africa, Central America, Costa Rica, Cruise Boats, Ecuador, Kenya, South Africa, South America, Tanzania | Comments Off

The desire for adventure travel vacations is on the rise, worldwide. Even though it seems like all the travel-worthy places are overrun by visitors, WANT Expeditions will take your family to a unique destination without the throng of tourists surrounding you. The company creates custom, conservation-oriented itineraries for groups of no more than 15 adventure-seekers that provide authentic experiences across the globe. Immerse yourself in a different culture and give your kids something to rave about when you get back home. Here are several locations your whole family will enjoy:

Grey Whale Migration and Whale Sharks in Baja
Jan 24-Jan 31, 2015
Spend the first part of your trip on a quiet, sandy beach at a private camp in Magdalena Bay while the Pacific Gray Whales pass by – some will even stop to say hello. Then head to the Sea of Cortez side of Baja where you can swim or snorkel with whale sharks and sea lions. Add more adventure to your days with multiple options, including: kayaking tours through the mangrove forest, nature walks through the sand dunes and swimming among the migrating sea life. Limited Space Available!

Costa Rica Wildlife Safari
Jan 25-Feb 4, 2015
From oceans to rainforests, agutis to toucans, Costa Rica offers a paradise for everyone, especially nature lovers! Paddle through the rainforest in a canoe then explore the forest on foot. Go wildlife viewing on horseback before taking a relaxing dip in the Ecotermales Hot Springs. Venture out on daily hikes in several national parks, through lush forests and mountain landscapes with a great view of the volcanoes on clear days. At night, witness the lava flowing down Volcano Arenal and be sure to take your camera. Enjoy the thrill of zip-lining through the trees and, if you wish, spend your last day trying watersports or sunbathing on the beach.

Galapagos Islands Yacht Cruise
April 12-April 20, 2015
Spend a week on a private catamaran with only a small group of adventure-seekers; with fewer people, everyone receives an unparalleled experience on and off shore. You will make stops at places like North Seymour, Darwin Bay, the Highlands of Santa Cruz and Floreana to see Blue Footed Boobies, Short-eared Owls, Waved Albatrosses and many other rare, beautiful creatures native to these islands. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, the oldest scientific research station on the archipelago, where they raise a variety of species until they’re strong enough to survive on their own.

East Africa Wildlife Safari
June 15-June 25, 2015
Combine two of the most breathtaking natural phenomena into one trip – the wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park and witnessing the majestic, snow-capped Kilimanjaro. You will also get to experience other natural gems like Lake Nakuru in Kenya and the famous Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Enjoy daily game drives in the African bush, spotting rhino, impala, wildebeest, zebra, lion and countless other wild animal species. On the last full day, hike to Mandara Hut on Kilimanjaro and keep your eyes peeled for Black and White Colobus Monkeys.

Surfapreneur, a Costa Rica Retreat for Business Owners that Surf

June 2, 2014 on 7:52 am | In Adventure Travel, Beachbooker, Costa Rica, Surfing Resorts | Comments Off

Work hard, surf harder. James Rick’s Surfapreneur Retreat combines adventure with training and networking in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

After sessions at the Villa, the surf shuttle takes entrepreneurs to popular — but often uncrowded — spots along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The lessons and activities are available at all surfing levels, from beginner to advanced. Other amenities provided by the Villa include massage therapy, yoga classes and gourmet, chef-cooked meals.

“I am passionate about surfing and business. Ever since I’ve started living outside the US I wanted to combine my two passions and create the perfect adventure for entrepreneurs that want to get away for a week.”

The Surfapreneur retreat package is an all-inclusive retreat for 6 days and 5 nights and includes a shuttle that stops at popular attractions around Costa Rica. Rates start as low as $1,000 per attendee. Purchasing the Surfapreneur package as a corporate or personal gift is another popular option! Spots are limited, so please visit for more details and dates to book.

About Surfapreneur

James Rick Stinson founder of Full Potential and author of Unleash Your Full Potential, is a serial entrepreneur that employs more than 300 staff. He is hosting the Surfapreneur retreat at his 7bd / 8 bathroom Villa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The Surfapreneur retreat promises to be a one in a lifetime experience with group adventures and surprise guests. Watch this video to learn more or visit and apply to attend on behalf of yourself or someone

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