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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowSAVANNAH, GA – The Savannah Waterfront Association will welcome the National Air, Sea & Space Foundation and the Spanish tall ship El Galeón Andalucía to historic River Street on Thursday, October 23, 2014. The Tall ship will be visiting Savannah for a 10 day stay during its five month tour of the east coast.

The Sail to Sunny 16th Century Ship Tour 2014 will take the ship from Ocean City, MD to sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL making nine ports-of call in five states along the way. The 170-foot long, 500 ton ship is the only Galeón class vessel sailing today. Five of the seven decks will be available for the public to tour

. It carries an all-Spanish crew of 25 sailors, several of which will welcome visitors onboard when they tour this one-of-a-kind vessel.

El Galeón Andalucía is currently featured in the NBC series Crossbones starring John Malkovich as the legendary pirate Blackbeard which airs on Friday nights. The ship spent three months in Puerto Rico where the series was filmed. “El Galeón will bring the spirit of discovery and exploration to over two hundred thousand visitors on its Sail to Sunny Fort Lauderdale,” said Bryan Lilley, head of the National Air, Sea & Space Foundation. “When you step onboard the ship it’s like traveling back in time 500 years to experience for yourself what it was like to explore the new World,” he continued.

The ship will be open for public tours daily from 10am – 6pm starting on Friday, October 24 and continuing through Sunday, November 2. In addition to the tours, the Savannah Waterfront Association and the Air, Sea and Space Foundation will host several unique opportunities to immerse yourself in Spanish culture or tap into your inner pirate onboard the El Galeón. Guests are invited to celebrate the Spanish heritage of the 16th Century Spanish Tall Ship on Friday, October 24 for a night of “Tapas and Tango.” Guests can enjoy Spanish tapas, beer, wine and entertainment featuring dance instruction and a performance by tango instructor Rick Cody and music by American Tango Group. Tickets are available exclusive event aboard the ship that will feature a silent auction benefitting Bethesda Academy and sponsored by Seacrest Partners, Inc. The fun continues on Saturday, October 25 with the “Party like a Pirate” rum tasting and concert on historic River Street! Shellback Rum will fuel the party with a rum cocktails and entertainment will be featured on the Arbor Stage. For guests looking for a VIP experience, tickets are available aboard the Spanish Tall Ship El Galeón Andalucía for exclusive viewing of the concert, pirate grub and an open rum bar. If you don’t have the sea legs for it you can be a landlubber and party on the plaza with a few complimentary tastings and tidbits, then pay-as-you-go.

The ship will also pay homage to one of the most haunted cities by transforming into a haunted pirate ship over Halloween weekend. “This is one of the most amazing ships I have ever seen and Savannah will have the opportunity to experience it in a different way each night. We will have events for both kids and adults, so whatever level of party or pirate you want, you will have a choice,” said Carrie Bligh, Executive Director of the Savannah Waterfront Association. The haunted pirate ship will take place Thursday, October 30 through Saturday, November 1. “We are very excited to scare the wits out of folks during the haunted pirate ship,” added Bligh. On Thursday, October 30 families are invited to River Street to enjoy Pre-Trick or Treat on River Street from 6-9pm and tour the kid friendly haunted pirate ship. On Halloween Night the SWA will host their 2nd Annual Crawl-O-Ween Pub Crawl and tours of the haunted ship.

The Tall Ship event is hosted by the National Air, Sea & Space Foundation and the Savannah Waterfront Association. The event series is proudly sponsored by Alpha Media, Abshire Public Relations, Redd’s Apple Ale, Seacrest Partners Inc., Shellback Rum, South Magazine, WJCL-abc and WTGS-Fox.

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Arts, Culture & More Make Turkey THE Destination For Fall‏

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This fall, ditch the traditional pumpkin picking and fall foliage weekend getaway and embark on a Turkish getaway that offers travelers the opportunity to step back in time by visiting historical landmarks as well as celebrate Turkish arts and culture festivals. A destination filled with a rich historical past, breathtaking monuments and a region that sits on both Europe and Asia, is one to not miss!

Below are optional sites to visit while in Turkey as well as fall festivals taking place in the region to create the quintessential Turkish vacation.

Historic Sites

1. Archaeological Site of Troy: With 4,000 years of history, Troy is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. The first excavations at the site were undertaken by the famous archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. Its extensive remains are the most significant demonstration of the first contact between the civilizations of Anatolia and the Mediterranean world. The siege of Troy by Spartan and Achaean warriors from Greece in the 13th or 12th century B.C., immortalized by Homer in the Iliad, has inspired creative artists throughout the world.

2. Historic Areas of Istanbul: Strategically located on the Bosphorus peninsula between the Balkans and Anatolia, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, Istanbul was successively the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire and has been associated with major events in political, religious and art history. The city is on a peninsula surrounded by the Golden Horn (Haliç), a natural harbor on the north, the Bosphorus on the east and Marmara Sea to the south.

3. Selimiye Mosque and Its Social Complex: This square Mosque with its single great dome and four slender minarets dominates the skyline of the former Ottoman capital of Edirne. Sinan, the most famous of Ottoman architects in the 16th century, considered the complex, which includes madrasas (Islamic schools), a covered market, clock house, outer courtyard and library, to be his best work. The complex is renowned as the most harmonious expression ever achieved of the Ottoman külliye, a group of buildings constructed around a mosque.

4. Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia: Located on the central Anatolia plateau within a volcanic landscape sculpted by erosion to form a succession of mountain ridges, valleys and pinnacles known as “fairy chimneys” or hoodoos, Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia cover the region among the cities of Nevşehir, Ürgüp and Avanos, including the sites of Karain, Karlık, Yeşilöz, Soğanlı and the subterranean cities of Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu. The density of its rock-hewn cells, churches, troglodyte villages and subterranean cities within the rock formations make it one of the world’s most striking and largest cave-dwelling complexes.

5. Hierapolis-Pamukkale: Deriving from springs in a cliff overlooking the plain, calcite-laden waters have created at Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) an unreal landscape, made up of mineral forests, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins. At the end of the 2nd century B.C. the dynasty of the Attalids, the kings of Pergamon, established the thermal spa of Hierapolis. The ruins of the baths, temples and other Greek monuments can be seen at the site.

6. City of Safranbolu: From the 13th century to the advent of the railway in the early 20th century, Safranbolu was an important caravan station on the main East–West trade route. The Old Mosque, Old Bath and Süleyman Pasha Medrese were built in 1322. During its apogee in the 17th century, Safranbolu’s architecture influenced urban development throughout much of the Ottoman Empire.

7. Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği: In Sivas Province in central eastern Turkey, on the slopes below the castle of Divriği, the Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği is a remarkable structure combining a monumental hypostyle mosque with a two story hospital, which includes a tomb. Founded by the Mengücekide Emir Ahmed Shah following the victory of the Seljuk Turks over the Byzantine army at the battle of Malazgirt in 1071, the mosque is dominated externally by the hexagonal, pointed roofed dome over its mihrab (prayer niche), a cupola over the ablutions basin in the center of the prayer hall and by the elaborately carved monumental stone portals on the north and west.

8. Hattusha – the Hittite Capital: Hattusha exerted dominating influence upon the civilizations of the 2nd and 1st millennia BC in Anatolia and northern Syria. The palaces, temples, trading quarters and necropolis of this political and religious metropolis provide a comprehensive picture of a capital and bear a unique testimony to the disappeared Hittite civilization. The city’s fortifications, along with the Lion Gate and the Royal Gate and the Yazılıkaya rupestral ensemble with its sculptured friezes, represent unique artistic achievements.

9. Nemrut Dağ: The mausoleum of Antiochus I (69–34 B.C.), who reigned over Commagene, a kingdom founded north of Syria and the Euphrates after the breakup of Alexander’s empire, is one of the most ambitious constructions of the Hellenistic period. The syncretism of its pantheon, and the lineage of its kings, which can be traced back through two sets of legends, Greek and Persian, is evidence of the dual origin of this kingdom’s culture. Crowning one of the highest peaks of the Eastern Taurus mountain range in south-east Turkey, Nemrut Dağ is the Hierotheseion (temple-tomb and house of the gods).

10. Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük: Two hills form the site on the Southern Anatolian Plateau. The taller eastern mound contains eighteen levels of Neolithic occupation between 7.400 BC and 6,200 BC, including wall paintings, reliefs, sculptures and other symbolic and artistic features. Together they testify to the evolution of social organization and cultural practices as humans adapted to a sedentary life. The western mound shows the evolution of cultural practices in the Chalcolithic period, from 6,200 BC to 5,200 BC. Çatalhöyük provides important evidence of the transition from settled villages to urban agglomeration, which was maintained in the same location for over 2,000 years. It features a unique settlement of houses without streets clustered back to back with roof access into the buildings.

11. Xanthos-Letoon: This site, which was the capital of Lycia, illustrates the blending of Lycian traditions and Hellenic influence, especially in its funerary art. The epigraphic inscriptions are crucial for our understanding of the history of the Lycian people and their Indo-European language. Xanthos directly influenced Lycia throughout antiquity, as demonstrated by the many epigraphic texts found on the two sites as well as by the remarkable funerary monuments preserved there or originating in the area and neighboring provinces. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is a direct descendant of the Nereid Monument at Xanthos.

12. Bursa and Cumalıkızık Early Ottoman Urban and Rural Settlements: Bursa and Cumalıkızık is a serial nomination of eight component sites in the City of Bursa. The site illustrates the creation of an urban and rural system establishing the Ottoman Empire in the early 14th century. The property illustrates key functions of the social and economic organization of the new capital which evolved around a new civic center. These include commercial districts of khans, kulliyes (religious institutions) integrating mosques, religious schools, public baths and a kitchen for the poor as well as the tomb of Orhan Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty.

13. Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape: Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape rises high above the Bakırçay Plain in Turkey’s Aegean region. The acropolis of Pergamon was the capital of the Hellenistic Attalid Dynasty, a major center of learning in the ancient world. Monumental temples, theatres, stoa or porticos, gymnasium, altar and library were set into the sloping terrain surrounded by an extensive city wall. The rock-cut Kybele Sanctuary lies to the north-west on another hill visually linked to the acropolis. Later the city became capital of the Roman province of Asia known for its Asclepieion healing center.



51st Golden Orange Film & Art Festival, Antalya

October 10 – 18

Turkey’s premier film festival brings together stars and top-level cinema in Antalya in the Fall, and is among the world’s notable festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Tokyo and New York. The festival, which began in 1963, takes place over five days and will focus on the cinema of a particular country to strengthen cultural and artistic ties with Turkey. This year’s country of focus will be Spain. www.altinportakal.org.tr

International Bodrum Sailing Cup

October 20 – 25

The Bodrum Cup is an annual yacht regatta organized by ERA Bodrum Sailing Club to promote interest and skill in sailing among the captains and crews of Bodrum’s charter fleet. It is also a celebration of the ending of each year’s cruising season, a means to bring together the charter yachts that normally cruise on their own. http://www.bodrumcup.com/tr/ana-sayfa__227.html

Marmaris International Yacht Race Week

October 25 – 31

The largest offshore sailing event in Eastern Europe, the Marmaris International Race Week in the Mediterranean bay of Marmaris is held annually for sailors from around the world for a week of racing, traditionally five races with a prize for the winner of each class, and entertainment including cocktail parties, gala dinners, dress competitions and award ceremonies. http://marmarisraceweek.com/en_index.aspx


2nd Istanbul Design Biennial

November 1 – December 14

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and curator Zoë Ryan present a six week program of exhibitions and events to enliven Istanbul with design, technology, fashion, graphics, urbanism, product design, film and food projects under the theme, “The Future Is Not What It Used to Be.” More than 50 practices and designers from all over the world will be exhibited at the Galata Greek Primary School and in pop up locations around the city, including Forma Fantasma, NLD; Moisés Hernández, MEX; Architecture for All, TUR; Bless, DEU-FR; Dunne and Raby, GBR and RUF, and CN. www.tasarimbienali.iksv.org/en

Contemporary Istanbul

November 13 – 16

Contemporary Istanbul, the annual art fair that brings international focus to Istanbul’s dynamic art scene, will take place November 13-16, 2014 at the Istanbul Congress Centre and the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC). The art fair, which is now in its 9th year, will host a selection of art galleries, art institutions and non-profit art initiatives. It is expected to draw international artists and collectors, members of the press as well as art professionals and enthusiasts. http://www.contemporaryistanbul.com/#ci12

San Diego Celebrates Maritime Heritage‏

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowEver since Spanish ships first sailed into the natural harbor under command of Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, San Diego Bay has played welcome host to visitors. The present-day bay looks much different, as time has transformed its 34 miles of waterfront into a vacation paradise lined with parks, marinas, restaurants, hotels, shopping, museums and bikeways adorned with eye-catching public art, but San Diego’s history lives on in this bustling maritime destination.

Today, visitors can step back into San Diego Bay’s history and trace Cabrillo’s steps or explore the life of a lighthouse keeper who guided mariners. Naval history is on display as well, from the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s ships moored along the Embarcadero, to the nearby USS Midway and impressive Navy ships.

Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma prominently features a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who not only discovered San Diego and California but was also the first European to set foot on the U.S. West Coast. From its cliffs, guests enjoy birds’-eye views of the bustling harbor and downtown skyline. A multilingual recorded message provides information about Cabrillo’s voyage at a lookout spot above Ballast Point, as do displays and a video dramatization in the monument’s museum.

Cabrillo discovered San Diego Bay sailing aboard the San Salvador . The Maritime Museum of San Diego is building a full-size, fully functional, historically accurate replica of Cabrillo’s flagship. This vital link to San Diego’s maritime history is nearing completion at San Salvador Village at Spanish Landing. After her maiden voyage in January 2015, she will become part of the museum’s permanent fleet and sail the California coast as a San Diego ambassador. The build site is open daily to visitors, featuring costumed docents, shipbuilding demonstrations, sail making and Native American Kumeyaay displays such as tulle boats, baskets and pottery making.

The historic Old Point Loma Lighthouse is one of eight original lighthouses on the West Coast, restored and refurnished into a museum to reflect what life was like for the lighthouse keeper and his family in the 1800s. In the adjacent assistant keeper’s quarters, interactive exhibits shine a light on the story of Point Loma’s lighthouses. Few places in San Diego afford better views of the California gray whales’ annual southward migration, occurring mid-December to mid-March.

Located along Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island in Coronado, Carrier Row is home to two aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet: USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan . Although the naval base is closed to the public, guests onboard Hornblower Cruises, Flagship Cruises and other harbor excursions can glimpse these magnificent ships in their berths, as well as mighty Navy destroyers docked at Naval Base San Diego in the South Bay.

Each September as part of Fleet Week San Diego guests can tour Navy ships and the birthplace of naval aviation during the NAS North Island Open House, the only Navy open house on the West Coast. Other highlights include flyovers, performances by the Navy SEAL Leap Frogs parachute jump team and displays of Navy jets, helicopters, vintage aircraft, boats and hovercraft.

Another way to experience the U.S. Navy’s prominence on the bay is aboard the USS Midway aircraft carrier, the world’s most visited ship museum celebrating its 10th anniversary. The Midway highlights San Diego’s rich military history and pays tribute to more than 200,000 sailors who served aboard the vessel during its 47 years. Exhibits and activities include 29 restored aircraft, flight simulators and a self-guided audio tour of the crew’s sleeping quarters, galley, engine room, hanger, flight deck, towering bridge and more.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego located along the Embarcadero on Harbor Drive has one of the world’s finest collections of historic and other vessels on which visitors can relive the early days of seafaring. Ships include the Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship (built in 1863), Californian, the official tall ship of the State of California, HMS Surprise from the Academy Award-winning film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and two former Soviet and U.S. submarines.


Since the tuna industry sprang up in the early 1900s, San Diego has been a sportfishing paradise with fresh catches available just off the coast. Thousands of fishermen, cannery workers and shipbuilders once lived and worked along San Diego Bay, creating tight-knit communities in Little Italy and Point Loma. Today, the bay is home to the world’s largest sportfishing fleet, welcoming visitors from around the world.

Anglers can cast their lines on a wide range of ocean fishing trips, departing daily from the bay’s H&M, Point Loma and Fisherman’s Landings. Excursions include family-friendly full- and half-day excursions, private charters to offshore islands and the outer banks, or longer trips deep into Mexican waters. Depending on the season, yellowfin, bluefin, yellowtail, albacore, halibut, rock fish and more can be caught in the bountiful waters of the Pacific Ocean.

A cherished local tradition set against the vibrant backdrop of San Diego’s sportfishing fleet in America’s Cup Harbor is the Port of San Diego’s annual Day at the Docks in April. It’s the West Coast’s largest public celebration of sportfishing, signaling the official start of Southern California’s spring saltwater fishing season. Guests of all ages can enjoy free fishing, casting contests, rides on fishing boats and more.

Dive into the popular new Tuna Harbor Dockside Market , located on Fish Harbor Pier by Seaport Village, to purchase fresh local seafood every Saturday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Fishermen and women are more than happy to pose with their catches – ranging from tuna and halibut to box crabs and octopus – and fishing boats anchored in the background.

Happiness is calling in San Diego. For more information on San Diego Bay and its renowned maritime heritage, visit the San Diego Tourism Authority’s website at www.sandiego.org , the Port of San Diego’s website at www.thebigbay.com  or call 619-236-1212.

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Sail Into A Glorious Autumn with a Windjammer Cruise

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowAll of the windjammers have cozy, warm cabins below—just perfect for fall sailing!

As the temps cool down and the breezes pick up, the captains of the Maine Windjammer Association are pleased to offer cruises that give their passengers the best views of blazing reds, oranges and yellows that herald New England’s most famous season. With the kids headed back to school, Maine’s windjammer captains make sure their guests have every opportunity to take advantage of the quiet beaches, gorgeous vistas and pristine islands that dot Maine’s rugged coast.

Pam Houston, novelist, will be teaching a writer’s workshop aboard the Isaac H. Evans on the September 30-October 3 cruise.

For guests with a literary bent, the Isaac Evans is offering a specialty cruise called Writing on a Windjammer. It’s a rare opportunity to work with award-winning author and writing teacher, Pam Houston, while sailing amid the islands and coastal towns along the rocky coast of Maine. Watch for sea birds, whales, porpoises, and lighthouses, and enjoy delicious food, world-class writing instruction, authentic adventure, and camaraderie.

Fall breezes offer some of the best sailing of the season. Here, Schooner Heritage takes a tack across Penobscot Bay.

All the vessels offer spectacular sailing in protected waters, lobster bakes, scrumptious food by award-winning chefs and cozy nights under a blanket of stars. Columbus Day Weekend marks the end of the season, with lots of 3-, 4- and 6-day sailing options available between now and then.

For more information about the Maine Windjammer Association, click here.

WoodenBoat Sail-In

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On September 9th, the fleet will set course for Brooklin, Maine, for the 28th annual WoodenBoat Sail-In.

Every fall, the entire windjammer fleet gathers in Brooklin, Maine, where guests can tour the WoodenBoat School in this tiny coastal community located on the Blue Hill Peninsula.
Credit: Robert Dennis

Flash in the Pans, the local steel drum band, entertains guests and spectators of all ages.

To see this many working tall ships gathered together inspires awe and appreciation by guests and spectators alike. Once at anchor, passengers come ashore and enjoy festivities including live music by Flash in the Pans, steamed mussels and tours of this incredible boatbuilding school.

This year’s Sail-In takes place on Tuesday, September 9th. The schooners will arrive around 3 pm, with music and festivities running from 4:00-5:30 pm. For more information about Maine’s Windjammers click here.

New Sailing Trips In Cuba, The British Virgin Islands And Turkey

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowG Adventures expands its sailing programme for 2014/15

Building on the success of its current line-up of sailing trips, G Adventures has launched a range of new nautical itineraries in Cuba, Turkey and the British Virgin Islands.

The small-group adventure operator has seen a significant rise in demand for small-ship sailing over the years, crediting flexible itineraries, low-cost / high-value experiences and expert skippers as key reasons for its success. G Adventures’ sailing trips are among the itineraries that have the highest number of repeat travellers.

“Small-ship sailing has become increasingly popular. Since its launch in 2004, our sailing programme has quadrupled in size,” says Rich Heller, marine product manager, G Adventures.

“These new destinations offer travellers even more places to explore from the comfort and convenience of our yachts and catamarans. People appreciate the convenience of only having to unpack once. Nights are relaxing and boats anchor in beautiful bays and picturesque harbours. During the day travellers can be as active as they like with a activities including snorkelling, swimming and kayaking. Plus there are plenty of opportunities to shop in local markets, meet local people and sample local cuisine.”

G Adventures also offers sailing trips in the Greek Islands, Thailand and Croatia. All itineraries vary in length from four to 15 days. The yachts and catamarans carry a maximum of eight or 14 travellers.

Aspiring sailors can also learn the ropes, receiving pointers from expert skippers and even taking the wheel themselves.

The 2014/15 Marine brochure is available now. All trips are guaranteed to depart. Itineraries include:

Sailing Cuba – Havana to Havana – Sail on a catamaran through the beautiful turquoise waters of the Canarreos Archipelago, stop to snorkel or share a drink with friendly locals while enjoying the slow pace of life in the islands. Eight days and priced from £1,149* per person.
Sailing the British Virgin Islands – Tortola to Tortola. – Sail on a catamaran through the beautiful turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands, stop to snorkel in deep caves, anchor and jump aboard a floating bar and tour around islands by car, or go for a hike. Relax in the evenings and enjoy the sunset and the Caribbean sounds. Seven days and priced from £999 per person.
Sailing Turkey – Bodrum to Fethiye – Discover tiny villages along the Turkish coastline, secluded islands and deserted beaches, swim in clear turquoise waters, learn to sail on a state-of-the-art catamaran, marvel at the ancient rock tombs in Dalyan and hike through ancient ruins, sail into the ancient port of Fethiye. A 10-day trip is priced from £1,149 per person.

For more information or to book, please call 0844 272 2040 or visit www.gadventures.co.uk

Sail Canada’s Wildlife Riviera‏

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Experience Southern British Columbia’s rare Mediterranean climate in October

British Columbia’s leading sailing operator, Outer Shores Expeditions, unveils new 2014 Autumn in Gulf Islands National Park sailing dates, providing outdoor adventurers, sailing enthusiasts and B.C. coast explorers with the unique opportunity to experience the Salish Sea – Canada’s wildlife riviera – and its unexpected Mediterranean-like climate at the most picturesque time of the year. The five-day expeditions debut on October 15th with subsequent expeditions embarking October 20th and 25th, 2014.

Sailing aboard the classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud, Outer Shores invites guests to immerse themselves in the marine wilderness of B.C.’s Southern Gulf Islands archipelago, home to the last remaining pockets of Garry oak ecosystems and historic trade routes used by the Coast Salish First Nations.

The rich and rare flora and fauna found off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island is best enjoyed in the fall season, when purple starfish and giant green anemones share rocky shores alongside seals and sea lions, resident orcas vigilantly patrol the waters for their next meal and migratory songbirds fly in for a rest before continuing their journey south.

“The Southern Gulf Islands archipelago is beautiful year round, but there’s something particularly magical about being aboard the Passing Cloud in the fall,” says Russell Markel, Outer Shores Expeditions Captain and President. “The climate is ideal for exploring the islands between Nanaimo and Sidney, photographing and experiencing the fascinating ecology, and cultural and natural history of this region.”

Highlights include beach and forest walks on Portland Island, whale, porpoise and seabird watching in the famous Haro Strait and sea kayaking around the 33-square kilometre Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

With only three autumn sailings available, space is limited. For more information about expeditions along the B.C. coast, please visit www.outershores.ca or call 1-855-714-7233 (Toll Free).

About Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud is a classic, 70′ wooden schooner designed by William James Roué, famous for designing the legendary schooner Bluenose. Built in Victoria, BC, in 1974, Passing Cloud has a rich history on the BC Coast, renowned for her elegant design, exceptional accommodation, robust construction, and remarkable sailing abilities. Designed to sail around the world, Passing Cloud is an ideal vessel for small-group natural and cultural history expeditions throughout the BC Coast. Among her many features are Passing Cloud’s classic West coast wheelhouse, four private staterooms and gorgeous main salon.

About Outer Shores Expeditions
Outer Shores offers multi-day wildlife and cultural expeditions that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Guided by a crew of professional mariners and expert naturalists, Outer Shores Expeditions small groups of 6 to 8 guests explore, experience, and learn about the stunning wildlife and ancient cultures of coastal British Columbia while living and traveling aboard the 70′ classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud. President and Captain Russell Markel holds a PhD in marine biology and is dedicated to hosting guests from around the world while fostering stewardship and supporting conservation-based research in the areas where Outer Shores travels.

Star Clippers Adds Six Yoga-Themed Cruises in 2015‏

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowTravelers looking to do something good for their mind, body and soul can set sail on one of Star Clippers’ six scheduled yoga-themed itineraries in 2015. World-class yoga instructors will be onboard Star Clipper’s Jan. 24 and 31 Caribbean sailings, Royal Clipper’s May 16 and 23 western Mediterranean cruises and Star Flyer’s Aug. 1 and 8 Balearic Islands itineraries.

All classes are complimentary and will take place on deck in the fresh air under the billowing sails at sunrise and sunset. The instructors also will give lectures on the philosophy of yoga and advice for practice at home. All of the classes are appropriate for all skill levels, so beginners are as welcome as advanced participants.

“You can’t ask for a more relaxing yoga environment than on the open deck of a Star Clippers ship surrounded by the sea and sails,” said Mikael Krafft, owner and president of Star Clippers. “We continue to look for unique experiences to offer our health-minded guests, and the yoga classes have been met with enthusiasm.”

Yoga teacher, author and life coach Inge Schöps will join the seven-night Caribbean sailings on Star Clipper roundtrip from St. Maarten, Jan. 24 and 31, offering yoga and meditation classes. Schöps is based in Cologne, Germany, where she teaches, and she also runs yoga retreats in the Mediterranean on the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Formentera. She is an author and has published yoga apps and e-books.

On Royal Clipper’s May 16 and 23 seven-night western Mediterranean cruises roundtrip from Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy, guests can learn Ishta-style yoga, focusing on asana, meditation, anatomy and yogic and tantric philosophy under the instruction of Raphaella Rose. A yoga practitioner for 17 years, Rose promotes friendly and accessible yoga, and has taught classes in the U.S., Great Britain and Spain, running regular retreats alongside her class schedule.

Yoga expert Christel Vollmer will join the seven-night Balearic Islands sailings on Star Flyer roundtrip from Palma de Mallorca, Aug. 1 and 8. She will give two classes daily: 60 minutes of power yoga in the morning and a 40-minute wind-down class at sunset, followed by meditation. Vollmer brings many years of teaching experience to Star Clippers, having trained under Bryan Kest, yoga guru to celebrities including Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Sting.

All classes and lectures will be conducted in English and are optional. Additional ship activities will be offered as part of the standard daily program.

Other features of a Star Clippers cruise that appeal to the health-conscious traveler include an abundance of fresh fruit daily, healthy menu options and active shore excursions including watersports and bike tours.

Cruise fares for the Caribbean sailings featuring yoga with Inge Schöps begin at $1,993, the western Med cruises with Raphaella Rose begin at $1,740, and the Balearic Islands voyages with Christel Vollmer begin at $1,575, all per person, double occupancy.

Star Clippers’ new 2015-16 brochure features significant fare savings on bookings made before Jan. 31, 2015. Access the brochure online at <http://is.gd/tkcrRa >. To request a hard-copy brochure, call toll-free 800-442-0556 or email brochures@starclippers.com.

To make a reservation, contact a travel professional. For information, call Star Clippers at 800-442-0551 or visit www.starclippers.com to view a video about the line or take a virtual tour of the Star Clippers ships. Keep up to date on the latest Star Clippers news by visiting us on our blog at www.starclippersblog.com,  Facebook and Twitter.

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Ship Mate for Amazon Devices

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowShip Mate Cruise App, the largest mobile cruise community, surpassed a major milestone this week: over one million downloads. The mobile platform for Cruiseline.com, the second largest cruise review website and pioneer of verified cruise reviews, recently re-launched its Android version and today announced the release of Ship Mate on the Amazon Appstore.

The company expects that the extension into this market will add to the impressive engagement seen on iOS and Android including:

Over 40,000 user images uploaded
Over 30,000 user ship and port ratings and reviews
Over 100,000 cruise itineraries
More than 450,000 chat and private messages
60% iOS users; 40% Android users

“Since our initial launch in 2010 the app has steadily grown,” said Mike Jirout, co-founder of Ship Mate Cruise App. “And, through the resources provided by our Cruiseline.com acquisition in November 2013, we’ve been able to bring the product to another level. It’s great to now have the resources required to deliver on the many requests of our community, like the Amazon launch for which many members have been patiently waiting.”

The Ship Mate app, the only one of its kind on the market, features:

My Cruise – a dashboard for a user’s upcoming cruise featuring their itinerary, excursions, deck plans and a Roll Call to see and chat with fellow cruisers, plus the ability to track past and future voyages with a “cruise countdown”

Ship Info – information about 200+ cruise ships including virtual tours and photos

Cruise Ship Tracker – to see where a favorite ship is currently docked, plus port tips, web cams, pictures, shopping and excursion information

Photo Gallery – similar to Instagram, a place to upload and showcase cruise pictures and comment on others’ posts

Ship and Port Reviews – users can read community member-generated, verified ship reviews and add their own

About Cruiseline.com

www.Cruiseline.com launched in December 2012 as an independent, objective guide to cruises. With over 50,000 reviews to date, the site simplifies the task of choosing a cruise with unbiased opinions from fellow passengers. Unlike other cruise communities, Cruiseline.com guarantees the authenticity of thousands of verified reviews, and uses member opinions to rank the best cruises, ships and itineraries with a “Sail Score.”

Since its initial launch in 2010, Ship Mate Cruise App has been steadily growing with over 315,000 active accounts, 35,000 app opens per day and one million app opens per month. Cruiseline.com acquired Ship Mate in November 2013. For more information and to join the conversation visit: www.Cruiseline.com  and www.ShipMateApp.com

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ISAF Puts Wind in Abu Dhabi’s Sails With Six-Year Deal

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowThe International Sailing Federation’s (ISAF) World Cup Final, the world’s pinnacle sailing regatta contested by the best Olympic-class competitors, is on its way to the United Arab Emirates.

ISAF has agreed to stage the ISAF Sailing World Cup Final in the UAE capital for the next six years, starting this year following a multi-stakeholder approach by Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club (ADSYC) with the support of the UAE Sailing & Rowing Federation (UAE SARF) and Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi.

“This is a major surge forward in Abu Dhabi’s campaign to be recognised as an international sailing hub and another fantastic opportunity for our youngsters to compete with and learn off the world’s best,” said HE Ahmed Thani Al Romaithi, Chairman, ADSYC and Vice-President, UAE SARF.

An associated deal sealed today between ISAF and TCA Abu Dhabi will also see the UAE capital host the 2016 ISAF Annual Conference when delegates, who include representatives of national governing bodies, class associations, leading industry personalities, manufacturers, sponsors and the media, discuss the hottest topics facing the sport. The 2016 Conference, which is estimated will deliver 1,500 hotel room nights to Abu Dhabi, will also feature a Presidential election.

“We have found a highly committed partner in Abu Dhabi and look forward to helping move forward the sailing ambitions of the emirate and the Arabian Gulf. This is a great opportunity for sailing as a sport” said Mr Carlo Croce, President, ISAF.

“We have struck a ground-breaking partnership with a world-class destination for a Tier-1 event.”

The 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup Final will take place in Abu Dhabi from 26-30 November. Around 350 sailors from 20 countries are expected in Abu Dhabi to compete in all 10 Olympic events and a kite-surfing event, in and around Lulu Island off the UAE capital’s stunning Corniche.

The events will be covered by the international sailing media and an ISAF television audience in over 100 countries.

“This year’s Final is only three weeks before Abu Dhabi hosts a Volvo Ocean Race stopover when again, the city will be alive with all things maritime, sailing and entertainment,” said Sheikh Khaled Zayed Saqr Al Nahyan, Chairman, Abu Dhabi Sailing & Rowing Federation.

“By the time we enter the New Year, the emirate’s watersports credentials of an ambient winter climate, over 400 kilometres of coastline, Blue Flagged beaches, state-of-the-art marinas, a plethora of natural islands and warm, clean waters, will have reached new international heights. Abu Dhabi will be synonymous with sailing and water-borne activities.”

The 2014 Final will comes hot on the heels of two other key international events being staged in the emirate this November.

“November is shaping up to be an action-packed month in Abu Dhabi, with Abu Dhabi Art and thousands of international motorsport fans once again arriving in the emirate for the Formula 1® Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I hope our international guests will be persuaded to extend their stay to witness the Final,” said Sultan Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director Tourism, TCA Abu Dhabi.

The athletes are expected to arrive early to train for the event and, in all, TCA Abu Dhabi estimates each Final will deliver around 7,500 hotel room nights to the UAE capital.

For more information about the ISAF Sailing World Cup, please go to: www.sailing.org/worldcup

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