Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts Offer Travel Wellness and Seasonal Spa Solutions

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Singapore, October 2014 – Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is committed to well-being and vitality, a promise that extends from global efforts in sustainable operations right down to the guest level with options that help maintain healthy habits while travelling.

Andrew Gibson, vice president, spa and wellness at FRHI Hotels & Resorts, Swissôtel’s parent company, notes that, “Maintaining healthy habits is increasingly a priority for travellers. In fact, a recent report by SRI International for the Global Spa & Wellness Summit indicated that ‘wellness tourism’ is set to grow by 9% annually, nearly 50% faster than overall global tourism.” He added, “Trends indicate that guests are seeking healthier food and access to spa, massage and fitness facilities, which Swissôtel provides under our brand-wide Vitality Programme. These options add value to the overall guest experience, and support staying well while on the road.”

Here, Swissôtel spas and on-property experts offer tips for peak energy and vitality throughout the year:

Eat Well, Travel Well

A key component to maintaining one’s health is through mindful eating. Travellers often fight symptoms like jet lag, poor digestion and a general lack of energy, and Swissôtel has compiled some helpful advice and an infographic detailing “superfoods” that help ward off these ailments. These, and other “superfoods”, are also routinely utilized by Swissôtel chefs around the world to create nourishing and flavourful menu offerings.

For jet lag, try a cup of hot water and lemon to stay hydrated, and to alkalise the body. Cherries and ginger help with melatonin, a sleep promoter, and bananas are a natural muscle relaxant.

Ginger, peppermint tea and probiotic yogurts help keep digestion on track.

The high water and potassium content in cantaloupe can help restore energy, as will gogi berries and quinoa, which also helps build muscle.

For more helpful tips, including ways to deal with motion sickness and circulation issues, please visit:

Seasonal Spa Solutions:

Swissôtel Hotel & Resorts worldwide offer invigorating spa and wellness centres, including the brand’s signature Pürovel Spa & Sport facilities at select properties. Inspired and guided by the vitality of the Alpine seasons, products and services are designed around the natural stages of renewal (spring), peak activity (summer), recovery (autumn), and hibernation (winter).

Pürovel products are created from flower and pine tree essential oils organically grown and distilled by a team of farmers in Wangen-an-der-Aare, Switzerland, where every essential oil used is cultivated, harvested and extracted.

As the seasons change and skin care needs shift, here are treatments and top tips recommended by Swissôtel spas and on-property spa experts.

AUTUMN: Recovery

The Pürovel Swiss Mountain Massage is highly recommended by spa experts at Swissôtel Kolkata, Swissôtel Tallinn and Swissôtel Ankara. As days, and the air, get cooler, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming winter season. Using Mountain Meadow Blend oil (primarily swiss spruce and douglas needles), which is naturally balancing, antiviral, and antibacterial, and heated mountain stones, the treatment comforts the body, energizes the mind and holds warmth within.

SwissôtelDresden Am Schloss experts say rebalancing and replenishing is especially important this time of year, and they suggest sharing the experience with a loved one during a Private Spa night. The hotel’s special evening package offers four hours of relaxation at the Pürovel Spa & Sport, and includes individual warming sauna infusions, and a vitalizing scrub and herbal bath together, to purify and moisturize dry, stressed skin. To top it off, sparkling wine and fresh seasonal fruit are served and a Pürovel home care set is provided.

TOP TIPS – Autumn Skin Care:

Debolina Mukherjee, Spa Manager at Swissôtel Kolkatarecommends using a lotion with a nourishing oil base of avocado, almond, jojoba or even olive. Steer clear of anything synthetic or petroleum-based, or use organic unrefined shea butter, which easily penetrates and moisturizes the skin. COUPON 10% OFF all ordersSwissôtel Dresden Am Schloss experts say that in autumn, traveller’s skin needs a scrub, to help it regenerate and purify. Try exfoliating body scrubs with minerals from thermal water and aromatherapy oils, which leaves skin feeling renewed, and remineralizing body creams to soothe and moisturize dry skin.

WINTER: Hibernation

The Spa & Sport Centre at Swissôtel Zurich counteracts the feelings of melancholy that can be brought on by the colder, darker days by offering the Golden Cup treatment, which uses the golden cup plant as a natural mood brightener. The plant grows in the middle of summer and is said to be the “flower of the sun”, capturing the season’s warmth and lifting people’s moods. In fact, it is sometimes used medicinally to combat depression and migraines. The treatment includes a massage, a peel and a wrap to harness the power of the sun.

During the winter months, Swissôtel Nankai Osaka offers guests a Ginger Oil with Hot Stone Massage, which harmoniously combines to produce a warming and relaxing effect. Ginger oil has been an essential ingredient since antiquity due to its therapeutic quality and ability to ease colds, poor circulation and arthritis pains.

TOP TIPS – Winter Skin Care:

Swissôtel Kolkata’s spa managersays an oil massage is the best remedy for dry skin. Apricot oil applied 2-3 times a week at night makes skin feel very smooth and healthy. Before a morning bath, try a gentle self-massage with sesame oil, which helps to pull out toxins from the skin and also leaves a protective layer between skin and the harsh winter environment. Drink plenty of warm, pure water throughout the day to both purify the body and stay well hydrated.

Janine Görner, a member of the Spa & Sport team at Swissôtel Zurich, suggests booking aparaffin bath for hands. Paraffin is smoothing and indulges the skin of the hands, which can get dry and damaged in the winter.

SPRING: Renewal

 The Ultimate Online Ski Shop With 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! | Shop Now >Swissôtel Nankai Osaka praises green tea as an ingredient that is effective for anti-aging, and also full of antioxidant ingredients, like catechin, and Vitamins A, C and E which contribute to beautiful skin. The hotel’s Green Tea Facial is very effective in spring, when skin becomes very sensitive, and helps combat problems such as blemishes and dullness.

Massage options are also ideal for renewing the body as the warmer months return, with Swissôtel Ankara recommending the Alpine Spring Massage, applied with medium pressure with relaxation in mind, to ease tension and stimulate blood flow. Also, an accompanying session of deep breathing with the signature Pürovel aromatherapy blends clears the mind and breathing passageways, making it a perfect treatment for an active individual seeking muscle recovery. Swissôtel Tallinn offers the Destress Massage, performed with fluent, calming movements and massage oil to create a lighter mood and embrace the new beginnings of the season.

TOP TIPS – Spring Skin Care:

Swissôtel Kolkata’s spa manager suggests juices that contain kale, parsley, ginger, or cucumber to improve spring skin.

The hotel’s spa team also recommends the use of citrus essential oils, particularly in lotions, to remove dead skin and promote circulation.

SUMMER: Peak Activity

Competitive Cyclist Spend $250 Get $50When the hot weather arrives, it’s time to scrub and lighten up! With mostly sunny and dry weather, it’s very important to cleanse and moisturize the skin, according to Elina Benenson, the Pürovel Spa & Sport Manager at Swissôtel Tallinn.She recommends the Body Polish for the removal of dead skin cells, to help one feel lighter and cleansed.

Swissôtel Chicago’s Spa 42 offers the Aloe Quench Body Wrap, which is designed to combat sun damage and heal the skin to reveal a fresh, healthy glow. The products used include Calm Mind Oil, a combination of lavender, peppermint and cajeput to relieve tension, Lavender Body Spray, to leave skin soft, and Aloe Gel, a cooling blend of aloe vera, allantoin, organic arnica and algae to provide comfort to chapped and dehydrated skin.

TOP TIPS – Summer Skin Care:

Swissôtel Kolkata’s spa manager recommends splashing on some rose water every morning for an instant glow and fresh hue throughout the day. Also, after showering, mix one teaspoon each of organic, unrefined coconut oil and castor oil in a glass bottle with a cap. Place the bottle in hot water until the oil is lukewarm. Apply to the entire body to keep skin supple, soft, and cool. Guests can also use this treatment before swimming to protect skin from salt water and chlorine.

Monica Jayso, Director of Spa 42 at Swissôtel Chicago stresses that the most important tip for everyone to follow is to apply Sun Protection SPF 30. Their product is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen which combines natural antioxidants with chamomile and cucumber extracts to keep skin healthy, youthful and soothed.

Notes Andrew Gibson, “A recent Spafinder Wellness 365 consumer survey found that 85% of travellers finish a vacation less rejuvenated than when they start. Swissôtels worldwide will continue to counter this by offering various wellness options to ensure our guests return home feeling rested and energised.”

About Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts got its start in Switzerland, a country known for big mountains and equally high standards of living. Its contemporary Swiss style and locally inspired flair attracts business and leisure travellers who enjoy high-end hotels but prefer fresh innovation to stale pretension. Conveniently located where travellers want to be, Swissôtel provides guests with the opportunity to stay in the heart of city centres worldwide where access to business and shopping districts are right around the corner. Swissôtel properties can be found in over 30 well-located properties around the world, with many more in development. As guests of the world, every Swissôtel upholds Swiss sustainability standards. In fact, Swissôtel has a mission: to treat guests, team members, and the environment with equal respect. Swissôtel is part of FRHI Hotels & Resorts, a leading global hotel company with over 110 hotels under the Raffles, Fairmont, and Swissôtel brands. But no matter how international Swissôtel becomes, just like the country it was founded in, it remains a small hotel at heart. For more information or reservations, please visit


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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowSeven hospitals and medical centres in El Salvador have received the accreditation given by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAASF), bringing the total to 16 certified centres and boosting the country’s medical tourism offering.

At the same time, the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador is targeting tour operators to help develop this sector and promote the quality of the medical services available in the country, encouraging them to feature hotels offering rehabilitation services as well as hospitals and medical centres catering for foreign visitors.

The medical tourism sector in El Salvador has grown considerably in the past year, generating US$12,145 million in revenue during the first six months of this year, 26.6.% more than last year.

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Castiglion del Bosco’s Spa Introduces CdB Tuscan Wine Ritual‏

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowJust in time for the grape harvest season, the CdB Spa at Castiglion del Bosco has introduced the CdB Tuscan Wine Ritual, incorporating Tuscan healing traditions into a signature spa treatment inspired by the wine-making process.

Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo’s luxury Tuscan estate, Castiglion del Bosco, is also one of Montalcino’s finest wine estates and its spa is now offering an anti-stress and anti-aging treatment that cleanses and purifies the skin using wine products. The CdB Tuscan Wine Ritual allows guests to experience the wine-making process through the various stages of the treatment.

The treatment begins with the client pressing grapes with his or her feet in a small wooden vat. The warm wine shower on the feet in the barrel simulates the beginning of the fermentation process.

The feet are then cleansed with an ice-cold towel for a hot/cold effect on circulation. Next, a scrub and shower represent the removal of must from the grape skin with the shower being the progression from barrel to barrique.

The treatment concludes with a massage simulating the improvement of the wine and a glass of the estate’s Brunello leaving guests feeling renewed, relaxed and energized.

The CdB Spa is located in the heart of the Borgo, in the estate’s former wine cellars. With its natural colors and design reflecting the essence of the Tuscan countryside, the CdB Spa creates an elegantly simple and tranquil environment offering both CdB and La Prairie treatments and products.

Priced at €240 (approx. US$305), the CdB Tuscan Wine Ritual runs 110 minutes and requires a reservation be made at least three hours in advance.

For more information about Castiglion del Bosco and the CdB Spa, please visit:


Castiglion del Bosco is a lavish 5000-acre Tuscan country estate, privately owned by Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo, and located near Montalcino, 30 minutes from Siena. The historic buildings of an entire Tuscan village and surrounding farms have been transformed into a network of suites and villas that bespeak the finest of Tuscan style, elegance, cuisine, wine making and specially tailored outdoor experiences. The estate is also home to Italy’s only totally private golf club designed by the celebrated Tom Weiskopf, as well as stunning vineyards producing the famed Brunello di Montalcino wines. There is also a heli-pad, fitness center, tennis courts, bocce court, hiking trails, Kids Club and spa.

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Trilogy Spa Holdings Announces the Opening of Three New Well & Being Locations

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowInnovative Spa Concept Leads Substantial Company Growth

Trilogy Spa Holdings (Trilogy), a fast-growing boutique operator of luxury spas in America’s most iconic hotels and resorts, announces the second Well & Being location slated to open in spring 2015 at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. Located within the premier resort in Texas, the new Well & Being will open at the largest luxury fitness and health club location in America. Trilogy has also committed to expanding Well & Being at two additional to-be-announced locations.

Currently available at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Well & Being is an innovative spa concept featuring fully-customized wellness experiences including fitness, nutrition, integrative medicine, mind-body therapies and advanced skincare. Spreading the concept of evidence-based healthy living, Well & Being utilizes a community of accomplished spa, fitness and health professionals led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, a renowned expert in integrative medicine, to provide guests with a personalized assortment of medically-guided tools for immediate and long-lasting results.

Well & Being is Trilogy Spa Holding’s newest extension after its paramount success at properties such as the Guerlain Spa in the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York and Spa del Rey at The Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey. In addition, Trilogy has been retained to design and manage industry-leading operations including the Boca Raton Resort & Club, Dolce Hotels, Virgin Hotels, and the new Wilshire Grand project in Los Angeles.

“Trilogy has been successful in locations where others haven’t met expectations,” notes David Stoup, chairman of Trilogy Spa Holdings. “We have the capability to transform spas into highly lucrative business models within the world’s finest hotels.”

Through a $3.5 million dollar renovation, Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas will offer a 176,000 square foot Well & Being space that boasts the addition of three studios: active motion for aerobic classes such as Zumba, suspension for Aerial Hammock Yoga and TRX, as well as functional space for the most cutting-edge HIIT systems. Trilogy’s expansion will also incorporate a custom-designed clinic space for personalized nutrition and preventative health programs as well as integrated spa concepts such as healing acupuncture, Ashiatsu, and a variety of locally inspired healing and detoxifying therapies. Bod Pod Composition Measurement, often utilized by sports professionals, will be available with private diagnostics by expert fitness coaches.

“The introduction of Well & Being to Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas will provide resort guests and the local community with knowledgeable staff and dynamic, personalized services for a holistic approach to health and wellness,” says Stoup. “Our ultimate intent is to continue providing Well & Being guests with the signature ability to ‘Live It Well’ at luxury resort destinations around the world, catering to the need for wellness-focused vacations that consumers are craving.”

Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Trilogy’s Chief Medical Officer, is a driving force in the Well & Being fusion of spa and wellness offerings. Dr. Low Dog studied and currently serves as the Director of Fellowship of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, founded by integrative medicine specialist Dr. Andrew Weil. She is published in numerous medical textbooks and alternative therapy health books, and frequently appears as a guest expert on The Dr. Oz Show, ABC’s 20/20, CNN and NPR’s “The People’s Pharmacy.”

“Wellness is a priority for leisure and business travel, and with the customizable wellness programs provided by Well & Being, guests will gain a healthier outlook on daily wellness experiences,” says Dr. Low Dog. “Guests learn and develop the tools to incorporate optimal healthy lifestyle choices that will continue after leaving the resort setting.”

A “Wellness Menu” specific for meeting planners will feature health and wellness programs inclusive of group laughing yoga sessions, workshops on stress management and nutrition education tailored to meet the needs of each group. Well & Being experts will lead groups through teambuilding breakout activities that influence increased focus and productivity while also empowering attendees to lead healthier and happier lives, both professional and personally.

The coaches in the Well & Being program also provide one-on-one sessions for business travelers keen on taking advantage of fitness opportunities in a time-efficient manner while on the road. Well & Being coaches look to teach guests how to make fitness an easy part of the their hectic lifestyles, from insight on everyday packed items that can double as fitness equipment when there isn’t a gym available, to making the most of a workout in a time crunch.

Well & Being programs at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas will be available through packages or a la carte, with local membership offered in addition to packages for overnight guests and hotel groups. The Well & Being Lifestyle Membership offering will be available for all current membership categories and are designed to address both body and mind by providing a well-rounded lifestyle experience in a nurturing setting.


Trilogy Spa Holdings (Trilogy) is a professional spa management company dedicated to creating and operating the most innovative, service-centric and performance optimized branded spas in the hospitality industry. Built on a foundation of experienced spa operators, healthcare professionals, beauty and hospitality industry veterans, Trilogy is the critical management link between hospitality companies, integrated medical and wellness services and luxury beauty brands. For more information please visit:

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ila Announces Partnership With Bedruthan Hotel & Spa, Cornwall‏

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Argos Travel Insurance 100x50Two homegrown, owner-run brands unite in wellbeing

October 2014…// Luxury ‘beyond organic’ wellness brand ila is delighted to announce its latest spa partnership with Bedruthan Hotel & Spa, a quirky multi award-winning cliff-side retreat above north Cornwall’s Mawgan Porth Beach. United in their passion for natural wellbeing and holistic therapies, the two brands have worked together to create an inspiring spa experience in one of Cornwall’s most iconic natural beauty spots.

Cherished by the same family for 50 years, Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is an unashamedly different restorative retreat. Vibrant colours, funky design and local artworks adorn the welcoming interiors, where wild-foraged cocktails, seasonal Cornish produce and sublime sea views place the emphasis firmly on the celebration of the natural world.

The spa is an eclectic seaside sanctuary where deep hydro pool, cedar sauna, eucalyptus steam room, lavender caldarium, holistic treatments and healing hands combine in brightly lit spaces with dramatic ocean vistas.

This year, the Bedruthan Spa embarked on its own journey of discovery, consciously considering what its spa goers were seeking, and scrutinising the very essence of its therapeutic backbone. In doing so, it found that ila was the perfect partner to elevate the spa’s menu to offer guests more time, greater expertise and deeper relaxation.

hammam spa_4

Highlights of the new spa menu include:

ila Marine Flora Face Therapy – A deeply cleansing facial that focuses on lymphatic drainage to improve the circulation, vitality and tone of the skin. A detoxifying combination of plankton-based bio plasma serum and a sea lavender marine mask leave the skin feeling deeply cleansed and rehydrated. £90 (90 minutes)

ila Junior Facial – A rose oil facial, which is designed especially for teenage skin, uses gentle marma massage followed by a refreshing mask to improve circulation to the skin whilst reducing inflammation and hormonal imbalances. £30 (30 minutes)

ila Chakra Wellbeing – Using ila’s exquisite chakra wellbeing therapy to calm the mind and restore body balance, this bespoke body treatment is based around seven blends of chakra-balancing essential oils. Relax tense muscles, de-stress the nervous system, improve lymphatic drainage, heal and rebalance body chakras. £110 (120 minutes)

ila Couple’s Wellbeing – Specially designed for couples to experience together, this treatment uses a combination of rose, orange blossom and jasmine oils. ila’s Couple Wellbeing treatment is a beautiful connection of mind, body and spirit that focuses on three chakras – sacral, heart and crown – to re-balance energy flows and stimulate the feel-good hormone oxytocin. £110 (120 minutes)

ila Pregnancy Scrub & Massage – ila’s mother-to-be treatment uses herbal extracts of lavender, rose and geranium blended with argan and rosehip seed oils – all renowned for their gentle healing energy and fabulous skin-strengthening qualities. A nourishing scrub and oil blend to exfoliate skin and stimulate the lymphatic system is applied followed by a full body massage to safely nourish and nurture during pregnancy. £90 (90 minutes)

“ila values holistic authenticity and integrity in much the same way that Bedruthan does,” comments Denise Leicester, ila’s Founder. “It’s a natural and astonishingly synergetic partnership. We’ve worked together to generate something exceptional, distinctive and unique, setting the benchmark for the future of holistic spa.”

“Knowing that beauty and wellbeing come from within, the therapies and ila treatments we now offer aim to balance body and mind, leaving you nourished and connected,” comments Rebecca Whittington, Director at Bedruthan Hotel. “Using ila products is a joy – and knowing they are sourced and created with integrity and the highest standards is vital for Bedruthan Spa. Both Bedruthan and ila share a deep seated passion for natural wellbeing founded on a belief that one’s health and happiness comes from within.”

Evolution of ila

ila products and treatments go ‘beyond organic’, using only the finest natural plant and mineral ingredients, wild-harvested in remote untainted regions by artisan produces using ancient traditions and sustainable practices. The result is the highest natural purity and integrity in a skincare and spa treatment range that is as ethical as it is effective.

ila products are available to purchase at a range of leading retail outlets and online at

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Calabash Cove Resort & Spa’s Carefree Package Preferred

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowIntimate island oasis in sultry Saint Lucia offers exclusive package featuring 7-night accommodations in a charming Waters Edge Cottage and heartwarming amenities that include a luxurious couples massage, a beach-side candlelit dinner and more. Book by December 31, 2014 for travel between January 3 – April 13, 2015.

St. Lucia, West Indies — Reconnect and refuel the flames after the hectic holiday season with the new winter romance package at Calabash Cove Resort & Spa, an beachfront island oasis in sultry Saint Lucia.

The Carefree Romance Preferred Package includes:

* 7 night’s accommodations in a Water’s Edge Cottage right on the beach.

* Relaxing, side-by-side couple’s massage at the resort’s Ti-Spa.

* Romantic beach-side candlelit dinner for two, with soothing waves providing the soundtrack.

* Room set up with flowers, champagne & chocolate.

* Welcome fruit & wine in room upon arrival.and Calabash Cove’s Carefree All-Inclusive dining plan throughout your stay.

* Roundtrip Luxury Transfers to/from Hewanorra airport

Nestled on a lush, tropical hillside sloping gently toward the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Calabash Cove radiates romance with stunning ocean vistas, exquisite ambiance, and an exceptional staff that anticipates every need and desire so guests can truly focus on each other. The boutique resort’s secluded white sand beach and a custom-designed boardwalk are perfect for a candlelit dinner or romantic sunset stroll. Calabash Cove also features an infinity-edge designer pool and swim-up bar, and the full-service Ti Spa, combining European technique with Saint Lucia’s rich tradition of plant- and fruit-based curatives to relax and rejuvenate body and mind.

Calabash Cove’s Waters Edge Cottages, handcrafted teak and mahogany hideaways just steps from the warm Caribbean water, feature beautifully decorated living areas designed to capture the warm Caribbean breeze and luxurious amenities such as private plunge pools, outdoor rain showers and cozy patio hammocks. Your nightly backdrop is the dramatic view across the sparkling bay with its radiant Caribbean sunsets giving way to star-studded night skies and the twinkling lights of Castries, the island’s capital.

The resort is home to renowned Windsong Restaurant, with sweeping ocean vistas and seasonally inspired dishes made from the freshest local ingredients. Complementing Windsong’s elegant milieu is the convivial C-bar, which serves international cocktails and fine wines from the Calabash Cove Cellars amid festive island music. Calabash Cove’s Carefree All Inclusive dining plan is one of the best, most hassle-free in the Caribbean, covering three meals a day at Windsong with absolutely no restrictions on food items on the menu, an all-day beach club menu, and room service at no extra charge. It also includes all beverages–including premium brand liquor and fine wines by the bottle during meal times-and an in-room bar with full-size bottles of liquor of the guests’ choice.

Calabash Cove’s concierge service offers numerous recreational excursions to discover Saint Lucia together. Hike to the summit of its landmark Pitons, side-by-side volcanic summits that are designated a World Heritage Site. Snorkel or sail the Caribbean’s translucent blue, soak in natural hot springs and mineral baths, cool off under a tropical waterfall, soar through a lush, rainforest canopy on a zip-line or aerial tram, stroll hand-in-hand through a quaint fishing village, view exotic wildlife like giant turtles, search for ancient petroglyphs, explore the world’s only drive-in volcano … the list goes on and on with activities to suit every desire.

The Carefree Romance Preferred Package is priced at $8,000 USD per couple, — a 10% savings off standard rates. It must be booked by December 31, 2014 for travel between January 3 – April 13, 2015. This promotion is available on new bookings only using Promo Code: Winter Love.

For more information, call 1-800-917-COVE (2683), contact your preferred travel agent or e-mail

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Grasmere Hotel Wins UK’s Best Spa Award

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowThe Daffodil Hotel & Spa in Grasmere in the Lake District has today (2 October 2014) been announced as having the UK’s Best Spa 2014.

The Spa, inside one of the Lake District’s newest 4-star luxury hotels overlooking Grasmere Lake, was voted the ‘Best Spa’ in the UK in ‘Best Kept Secret Awards 2014′.

Finalists in the awards were shortlisted from nominations from members of the public before a specialist judging panel made up of industry experts chose the overall winners. The Daffodil Hotel & Spa triumphed over Cotswold House Hotel & Spa in the Cotswolds and the Celtic Manor resort in South Wales.

Judges said: “The tranquil décor, the picturesque views and the bespoke treatments on offer made this spa a standout entry. It has the plush feel of a luxury spa, but unique facilities such as the thermal pool, tepidarium and mud rasul therapy make for a truly pampering experience.”

The Germaine De Capuccini Spa at the Daffodil Hotel boasts a thermal hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and tepidarium. There are three treatment rooms where guests can experience a choice of top of the range therapies from the European skin care specialists including the unique Mud Rasul Ritual, originating from the Middle East.

The Daffodil Hotel & Spa is the only place in the Lake District to offer this therapy, which improves the tone and texture of the skin whilst providing a completely private relaxation experience.

Signature treatments also include Lakeside Surrender, Cumbria Sparkle and Waterside Escape, the latter featuring the Kobido massage, which originated from Japan and was once reserved for royalty.

Gosia Tabaka, Spa Manager at the Daffodil Hotel & Spa, said: “We are delighted to have been voted ‘Best Spa 2014′ in this year’s Best Kept Secret Awards.

“Since opening our Spa, we have aimed to bring a unique yet contemporary Spa experience to the Lake District and I’m so pleased that our combination of Germaine De Capuccini therapies and luxurious facilities has been so popular.”

For more information on the awards, visit  and for more information on the Germaine De Capuccini Spa at the Daffodil Hotel, visit

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La Jolla – A Rejuvenating Spa Getaway

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Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowWith an alluring seaside setting of sparkling beaches and warm ocean breezes, San Diego’s La Jolla is a paradise for rekindling the soul and pampering the body. La Jolla boasts a world-class collection of spas with top-of-the-line treatments, first-class services and indulgent amenities. These luxurious retreats can be found throughout the region from La Jolla Shores and the dramatic Torrey Pines coastline to the charming La Jolla Village.

The following are a few of the splendid spa experiences guests can find in La Jolla to soothe their senses and invigorate their spirit.


Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and adjacent to the famed Torrey Pines Golf Course, The Lodge at Torrey Pines is home to the 9,500 square-foot Spa at Torrey Pines, ranked a “Four-Star” spa by Forbes Magazine (2013). Many of its therapeutic treatments utilize marine and botanical-based products like the signature Coastal Sage Scrub, reflecting the resort’s seaside location next to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The spa also offers an extensive menu of massages, facials, rituals, body wraps, hydrotherapy, manicures and pedicures, as well as facilities for dry saunas, herbal-infused steam baths and aromatherapy inhalation.

Located near the coastal cliffs of La Jolla and inspired by its serene natural surroundings, the 7,000 square-foot Spa at Estancia in Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa is a garden oasis where California flair combines with Mediterranean and Asian influences. Recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the top spas in the world (2012), the spa’s signature treatments include botanical body treatments, Hanakasumi Body Ritual inspired by Japanese traditions, a SeaCreation Facial utilizing exclusive extracts of deep sea microorganisms and green algae, and a Couple’s Bungalow Escape and massage in a private bungalow complete with a deck, fireplace and whirlpool. Additional spa amenities include an outdoor relaxation area, meditation garden, saltwater whirlpools and soothing eucalyptus steam rooms.

The in-house body and skin care specialists at Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines’ Pure Body Spa offer a tranquil spa experience for guests, including individual and couple’s massages and facials. Treatments are offered poolside, in the privacy of a guestroom or in the hotel’s spa treatment room.

With the calming sound of ocean waves outside, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club offers rejuvenating massage services in two on-site treatment rooms. Signature massages include the Jewel Massage, combining techniques from Eastern and Western traditions, a sports massage and pregnancy massage for mothers-to-be. Other specialized treatments include a reviving facial massage, deep conditioning scalp massage and popular foot massage. The Club recently won a gold medal for Best Massage by the La Jolla Village News Readers Choice Awards.


The Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla Village creates spa experiences for guests in the comfort and privacy of their room with aromatherapy, calming music and heavenly massages. Featured massages include Swedish, hot stone and shiatsu, plus packages combining massage, aromatherapy, body scrub, wrap, hand and foot reflexology, and cupping therapy with heated glass cups applied to the skin to stimulate circulation.

The landmark La Valencia Hotel offers guestroom massage services in an idyllic Mediterranean-like setting. The sound of gentle ocean waves and flower-scented breezes blend beautifully to create a sense of well-being. La Valencia’s Fusion Experience combines a relaxing choice of bodywork, including Swedish, deep tissue/neuromuscular, acupressure or shiatsu massage, tailored to a guest’s individual needs.

The guestroom can also become a relaxing oasis at La Jolla Shores Hotel where massage treatments similar to La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club – its sister property – are offered to guests in-room. Signature massages include The Jewel and sports massage, with specialized treatments such as the face and foot massages.


Several day spas in La Jolla Village offer visitors blissful beauty and bodywork treatments to enhance their vacation stay.

Nautilus Wellness , known for its natural approach to beauty, specializes in nutritional care, cupping therapies, natural face-lift, body contouring and a variety of massage and reflexology treatments enhanced by signature touches such as Ayurvedic blended oils, aromatherapy, fresh herbs and ocean air.

Providing a relaxing medical spa environment, DermaUtopia features personal service from head to toe including hair, nails, waxing, microdermabrasion, peels, Tai Chi and Zen meditation.

The Secret, a specialty clinic for medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment of problematic veins, also offers aesthetic services such as facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

The award-winning La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic individually designs a variety of skin care programs including facials, peels, microdermabrasion, body contouring, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle correction with a particular expertise in the delicate areas of the face and eyes.

For relaxation, Equanimity Massage offer guests an extensive selection of massages including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports and facial.

Happiness is calling in San Diego. For more information on La Jolla, visit the San Diego Tourism Authority’s website at  or call 619-236-1212.

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Spafinder Wellness 365 Welcomes New Spa Partner, Aqua Bathhouse & Spa At Mondrian London

October 21, 2014 on 11:18 am | In Spa Resorts | Comments Off

Goddess Swimwear from Today ShowSpafinder Wellness 365 ™ has announced the latest in a series of new spa partnerships including Morgans Hotel Group, which has recently revealed agua Bathhouse & Spa set within Mondrian London at Sea Containers. This intimate bathhouse, which opened on 30 September, embraces the Hollywood glamour and charm associated with the aspirational Mondrian brand, while offering personalised treatments, a diverse range of therapies and an original selection of skincare.

The treatment menu has been created with young spa visitors in mind, offering affordable treatments that have been specially designed for every age and gender. Introducing its new concept, the Spa Playground, agua at Mondrian London promotes a social, multi-sensory experience that encourages both individual treatments and fun with friends, inspired by the spirit of Roman spa communities. The spa will serve guests Champagne, freshly prepared drinks and cuisine including a guilt-free raw menu, or indulgent vintage style deserts.

John Bevan, Managing Director of Spafinder said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with the Morgans Hotel Group and have eagerly await the opening of agua Bathhouse & Spa at Mondrian London. The spa is beautifully designed with a fantastic forward thinking concept and I believe this will be a huge hit with our customers, both from within London and further afield.”

Renowned designer Tom Dixon, has created agua Bathhouse & Spa, embracing the theme of underwater tranquillity with water projections and lighting effects. With six treatment suites, spa and glamour lounges and steam baths, agua pays homage to the senses. The spa is home to a Tom Dixon commissioned nude ‘Renaissance Man’ sculpture, based on a Neo Classical Roman bust, exploring agua’s new ‘rebellious’ playground concept.

Exclusive collaborations include Soveral, Dr Jacksons Natural Product, Estelle & Thilde, Glamglow, Natura Bisse and Ciate. agua at Mondrian London also boasts a Glamour Room, a sophisticated space in which guests can choose from a variety of girly packages, putting the fun back into the spa experience. Treatments include GLAMGLOW Mud parties© for up to eight guests, and the Stiletto Smoother, a booster that combines Soveral foot massage techniques to release tension, warm the muscles and increase circulation with a CIATE pedicure.

Jacqueline Kneebone, Regional Director of Spa and Retail at Morgans Hotel Group says: “We’re so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with such a range of experts on this project, from design to brand collaborations, and we are really looking forward to the public reception of our spa playground concept.”

Spafinder Wellness currently offers the only spa and wellness gift vouchers on sale in over 7,500 retail outlets in the UK, including WH Smiths, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boots and 70,000 outlets worldwide. The vouchers are also available online and are featured in numerous corporate incentive and rewards programme. As well as accepting the Spafinder Wellness gift vouchers, spa and wellness partners also get a profile on the website, which acts as a comprehensive resource for wellness products and services in both the UK and worldwide.

For more information about Spafinder Wellness 365, please visit / or call 0870 121 6066.

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The Post-Christmas Juice Detox Plan By Simply Healing

October 20, 2014 on 2:47 pm | In London, Spa Resorts, United Kingdom | Comments Off

Goddess Swimwear from Today Show“Start The New Year As You Mean To Go On, Feeling Really Positive And Looking Great!”

Simply Healing, one of the UK’s leading Detox Retreats, is delighted to announce details of their Post-Christmas Juice Detox Plan.

Proving that you don’t need to travel abroad to find an expert detox programme, the retreat will take place at Simply Healing’s detox centre in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, just an hour’s drive from London.

The programme runs from 27th – 31st December 2014, a time of year when the body and mind often need a boost after the excesses of the Festive Season. The programme promises to help the body re-energise and build vitality for the year ahead, whilst giving the mind a chance to unwind and relax, as well as producing serious benefits in terms of long term health.

Treatments such as the Holistic Massage are used to help the body recover from the often overwhelming pressures of modern life. The warm organic oils used during the massage are designed to keep colds and flu at bay, whilst the specially chosen combination of exotic juices containing figs, pomegranates and spices, help kick start the metabolism. In addition, guests are able to enhance the benefits of their detox and further personalise their experience by choosing from a range of extra treatment ‘bundles’; all of these are specially designed to complement their individual detox programme whether it be to lose weight, tackle bloating, improve energy levels or address on-going unexplained health issues.

“There’s no better time than the present to do a detox,”, says owner-operator Vivien Kay. “However, we know that for many of our guests, Christmas represents a really good opportunity to take time off. A serious detox offers a valuable reason, if not excuse, to also carve out some much needed personal space during a time that for many can be incredibly demanding both mentally, physically and emotionally. We say, just relax, get yourself into tip top condition, both inside and out, and start the new year as you mean to go on, feeling really positive and looking great!“

With prices starting from £1350 (inclusive of VAT) per person, based on two people sharing, The Simply Healing Five-Day Essential Juice Detox Plan includes:

5 nights luxury accommodation in a beautiful Manor House
1 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment
1 Colon Massage
1 Deluxe Detox Foot Treatment
1 Full Body Salt Scrub
1 Thai Foot Massage to stimulate energy levels (all treatments are approx. one hour)
Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day, specialised detox soups and potassium broth
Colon Cleansing Herbs and supporting suppliments
Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk
Caffeine free detox teas, freshly made herbal teas and mineral water
One hour guided country walk, subject to weather conditions
Full use of the house and extensive grounds
Meditation and relaxation sessions
Nutritional Group Talk
Chi Machine – Use of Toning Plate
All rooms with CD, TV and DVD players
Dressing gowns/towels/hairdryers provided

Guests can then add on ‘bundles’ from a menu of treatments including Lymphatic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Detox Fitness Wrap, Phyto-cell Facial, Holistic Manicure & Pedicure and Hypnotherapy to name just a few.

For further information and rates, please call Simply Healing on 01403 822117 or visit

Notes to Editor:

Simply Healing specialises in delivering personalised detox programmes which focus on improving the health of the whole person, and has dedicated weight-loss, fertility, and menopause detox programmes.

Simply Healing is owned by Vivien Kay, a renowned healer with years of health and wellbeing experience, and an early advocate of detox in this country. Vivien is as passionate today about Detox and natural health as she was when she first started welcoming guests over 13 years ago.

Situated in eighteen acres of land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the ten-bedroom, 19th century manor house, overlooks the South Downs in West Sussex and is surrounded by woodland walks. Nearby there is an area of great historic interest which dates back to Norman times.

Holistic in approach, Simply Healing prides itself on providing guests an enjoyable, warm and nurturing space where they receive the highest quality treatments offered by caring, experienced therapists.

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