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A global surge in cycling tours is underway with Australians taking a strong lead in the popularity of bicycle-based ‘lifestyle’ travelling says SpiceRoads Cycling Tours CEO, Struan Robertson, who addressed travel writers and wholesalers in Sydney last night (21 May).

Based in Bangkok, SpiceRoads offers 110 different itineraries in 23 destinations with each providing a wide range of cycling experiences and grades for beginners, seniors and independent adventurers.

Robertson outlined the different styles of cycle tours on offer for different types of travellers.

“Often when thinking about cycling, people focus on the competitive side, the Tour de France and the Aussie Tour Downunder, and the athleticism of cyclists. SpiceRoads tours however are very different. They have been purposely created to be as rigorous, relaxing or as non-competitive as you like. This ‘tailored’ style of cycling appeals to travelers who like good company, local scenery, and gourmet food. The pace of the tours is totally at your choosing.”

Cyclists from Australia are increasing in big numbers and the cry for more and diversified itineraries has prompted SpiceRoads to increase its tours to Vietnam and Myanmar, where it is the only cycling tour company providing cross border trips from Yunnan in China to Mandalay.

“Last year SpiceRoads placed 600 travelers from Australia into Asia – the largest group of cycling tourists taking up the SpiceRoads experience in that market and with 9% of Australians aged 40+ riding a bicycle in a typical week, the market for the older, discerning cycling tourist was huge.” Robertson said.

*Struan will be in Sydney until – 29 May and is keen to talk to wholesalers and Agents looking to expand their customer offerings with great value Asia cycling tours. He can be contacted on 0497805782

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